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Boyzone's Keith Duffy Has A Daughter With Autism

Issues  8 May '17

Boyzone Dad Keith Duffy Opens Up About Daughter With Autism, Tells Parents 'Stop Mourning' [VIDEOS]

Keith Duffy's daughter was diagnosed with autism at 18 months and she's now 17-years-old who recently earned her Junior Certificate.

 Gisele Bundchen's Plant-Based Diet For Her Kids

Moms  8 May '17

Gisele Bundchen Encourages Her Kids To Eat Mostly Plant-Based Food — Here's Why

Gisele Bundchen learned the other benefits of a plant-based diet from an environmentalist friend.

Pregnant Beyonce Prepares Birth

Moms  8 May '17

Pregnant Beyoncé Prepares For Birth, Rents Place Nearer Hospital

Beyonce and Jay Z have been looking for a house in Los Angeles for some time now with the new babies' arrival.

Bradley Cooper Is A Dad

Dads  7 May '17

Bradley Cooper As A First-Time Dad Is 'Good With A Baby' Says Pal Ellen DeGeneres [VIDEO]

Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Irina Shayk welcomed daughter Lea de Seine sometime in March.

Sheryl Sandberg Says To Marry Nerds And Good Guys

Issues  7 May '17

Relationship Tip: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Explains Why It's Best To 'Marry The Nerds'

Sheryl Sandberg was married to a "nerd," Dave Goldberg, the CEO of SurveyMonkey, who suddenly died due to cardiac arrhythmia in 2015.

Ohio Preschool Teacher Fired

Issues  7 May '17

Child Abuse: Ohio School Fires Teacher Following Viral Photo Of Her Dragging Preschool Child

Alta Care Group immediately took action on the teacher who dragged a preschool child in the hallway.

Actress Liv Tyler Talks About Dads

Moms  6 May '17

Mom Liv Tyler Talks About Dads: Fathers Are Important For Children's Self-Esteem

Liv Tyler knows a lot about dads as she grew up with two fathers who doted on her and her eldest has two dads as well.

iPads And Mobile Devices Cause Speech Delay

Development  6 May '17

Speech Delay In Toddlers Tied To iPads, Mobile Devices And Screen Time

Does your child have a speech delay? How much screen time do your toddlers have in a day, parents? Perhaps you'll need to read this new study's findings.

Rare Infection From A Fly Bite

Issues  6 May '17

Rare Virus Infection Side Effect: Husband Forgets Kids, Wife Of Over 30 Years Due To Fly Bite [VIDEO]

Gary Newman contracted encephalitis, a rare infection, from an insect bite in 2015.

Man In Prison Willing To Donate Sperm

Dads  5 May '17

Should Prisoners Be Allowed To Give Sperm? Lawmakers Debate Why Murderers Cannot Be Fathers

Karl Teangiotau Nuku, a man serving a prison sentence for murder, filed a petition in Parliament asking if he can donate sperm.

IVF Side Effects Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Moms  5 May '17

IVF Side Effects: Fertility Clinics Accused Of Covering Up Cases Of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, an IVF side effect, goes under reported and it's a cause for concern because the condition could be fatal.

School Lunch Rules Changes

Parenting  5 May '17

School Lunch Rule Changes Concern Health Experts: Why Fix Something Not Broken?

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue will allow a more flexible school lunch rule beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

Bullying On The Decline

Parenting  5 May '17

Bullying Declining In Schools? Study Probes What Led To The Decrease

Did those anti-bullying campaigns actually succeed in curbing the incidence of bullying in schools?

Kate Middleton Teaches Her Kids Spanish

Moms  5 May '17

Kate Middleton Parenting: Prince George And Princess Charlotte Learn Spanish, Royal Kids Raising Chickens At Home

The royal kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte are keeping with tradition by learning another language but their mom, Kate Middleton, also makes sure they have a normal childhood.

Freddie Prinze Jr. And wife Sarah Michelle Gellar

Issues  5 May '17

Freddie Prinze Jr. And Sarah Michelle Gellar's Hollywood Marriage Is 15 Years -- What's Their Secret?

Freddie Prinze Jr. And Sarah Michelle Gellar met in 1997 and became friends first before dating and marrying in 2002. The couple has two kids, Charlotte Grace, 7, and Rocky James, 4.

IUD baby goes viral after holding birth control device in hand after birth

Children  5 May '17

Baby Born Holding His Mom's IUD: What Really Happened, As Mother Explains [PHOTO]

Lucy Hellein gave birth to Dexter Tyler on April 27 and decided to have fun with his birth announcement photo, which went viral.

Ivanka Trump Opens Up In New Book

Moms  5 May '17

Ivanka Trump Talks Balancing Home And Work Life In New Book, Reveals Moment Donald Trump Made Her Cry

Ivanka Trump's new book is called "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success" and it's getting bad reviews.

Matt Bomer On How He Told Parents He's Gay

Dads  4 May '17

Matt Bomer Says His Parents Went 'Radio Silence' On Him 6 Months After Coming Out Gay

Matt Bomer also talks about his sons, Walker, Henry and Kit, with husband Simon Halls.

Mother's Day Cards

Moms  4 May '17

Mother's Day: Mom Writes Her Sons' Birth Mothers Every Year; Cards Never Reach Them - Here's Why

Adoptive mom Jill Robbins has her Mother's Day cards for her son's birth mothers every year, but here's why she never mails the letters.

Richard Branson Has Dyslexia

Issues  4 May '17

Billionaire Richard Branson Says Dyslexia Not A Disadvantage But 'A Different Way Of Thinking'

Virgin CEO Richard Branson opened up about his dyslexia struggles before and now he's launching a new endeavor to help individuals struggling with the disorder.

Marijuana Ban In Disney World

Parenting  4 May '17

Marijuana Ban: Disney World Prohibits Pot In Parks, Including Medical Marijuana

Parents whose kids require cannabis oil as medical marijuana treatment need to reconsider their family's trip to Disney.

Fidget Spinners Banned In Schools

Parenting  4 May '17

Fidget Spinners: Schools Ban Latest Kids Toy Craze; What Parents Need To Know

Teachers think fidget spinners are distractions in classrooms, but some parents attest it can help kids with special needs.

DaddyOFive Founders Issue Public Apology

Issues  4 May '17

Child Abuse: YouTube Pranker DaddyOFive Loses Custody Of 2 Kids To Their Biological Mom

Rose Hall, the biological mom of Cody and Emma, said DaddyOFive Mike and his wife Heather Martin told her kids she didn't love or want them.

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