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Kids Say Parents Spend Too Much Time On Smartphones

Parenting  24 April '17

Kids Say Parents Are On Smartphones Too Much, New Survey A Wake-Up Call For Families

Parents, do you worry about your kids spending too much time on their smartphones? They worry about your mobile phone habits too, according to a new survey.

Michael Phelps Talks Fatherhood

Dads  24 April '17

Michael Phelps: On Fatherhood, Teaching His Son Water Safety And His Comeback

After receiving multiple medals during the last Olympics, Michael Phelps is enjoying retirement with his 11-month-old son Boomer. Will he return to compete in swimming?

Overparenting, Lazy Parenting And Anxious Parenting

Parenting  24 April '17

Overparenting Or Lazy Parenting? The Real Problem With Today's Parenting Styles

It's not overparenting or lazy parenting that today's parents face as their biggest parenting dilemma to parenting styles. Read on to find out what's the real problem.

Teen Suicide On

Parenting  23 April '17

'13 Reasons Why' Banned? Schools Warn Parents Netflix Series Is Dangerous For Teens

Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" details how a teenage girl decided to commit suicide and schools said there was something wrong with the way it told the message.

Apps For ADHD For iOS and Android Users

Issues  23 April '17

Apps For ADHD: Useful Free Tools For Kids And Adults With ADHD

There's no shortage of apps for ADHD on the internet, but which ones are most useful and free to use?

Beyonce Fat-Shamed For Being Pregnant With Twins

Moms  23 April '17

Beyonce Pregnant With Twins: 'Lemonade' Singer Gets Fat-Shamed, Responds Like A Queen [PHOTOS]

Fat-shamers didn't seem to get why Beyonce, who is pregnant with twins, gained some weight.

Serena Williams Pregnant At 35

Moms  22 April '17

Serena Williams Pregnant: Tennis Champ's Pregnancy Highlights Strength And Power Of Woman's Body

Serena Williams, who is engaged to Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, is expecting her first baby in the summer.

Teaching Kids To Share

Parenting  22 April '17

Teaching Kids To Share: Mom Tells Son It's OK To Refuse Sharing And Other Parents Agree

Alanya Kolberg's son Carson had six kids demanding for his toys at the park, so the mom told her son he can refuse to share if that's what he wants.

17-Year-Old Cannot Process Food Due To Rumination

Children  22 April '17

Teen Unable To Digest Food For 6 Years Gets Free Treatment For Rumination - What Is It?

Mya, 17, feeds thru a tube as she vomits any food she takes due to a condition called rumination. Find out what it is in this story.

Julia Roberts, Most Beautiful Woman

Moms  21 April '17

What Julia Roberts Will Leave Her Daughter Hazel; World's 'Most Beautiful' Woman Remembers Her Mom

The "Most Beautiful Woman," Julia Roberts, will give daughter Hazel a Hollywood iconic piece from her "heritage collection."

Blake Lively Protects Her Daughters James And Ines

Moms  21 April '17

How Blake Lively Makes The World A Safer Place For Her Daughters, Other Children

Blake Lively wants to raise awareness on a cause she truly supports for her children and other kids.

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten

Issues  21 April '17

'Barefoot Contessa' Ina Garten Reveals Why There's No Kids In Her 49 Years Of Marriage

Ina Garten met and married husband Jeffrey Garten in the '60s and they remained blissfully together since.

Flying With Kids With Autism

Issues  21 April '17

Flying With Kids With Autism? What Parents Must Prepare And Do

As summer approaches, parents planning their family vacation should check out these tips, especially if they are flying with kids with autism.

Dads Also Cry Like Moms

Dads  21 April '17

Dads Cry Over Their Kids Too And That's Not A Bad Thing — Here's Why

Boys don't cry? Not quite. More and more dads today don't mind showing emotions as they cry over their kids.

Air Canada Bumps 10-Year-Old Off Flight

Parenting  21 April '17

Parents Furious As Airline Bumps 10-Year-Old Son, Air Canada Issues Apology And Compensation

Brett and Shanna Doyle said Air Canada provided their family zero assistance after the airline bumped their 10-year-old son from their flight.

U.S. Schools Have Laundry Machines

Parenting  21 April '17

Why More US Schools Are Installing Laundry Machines For Students' Use

Educational institutions in the United States are encouraging students to wash their clothes in school-sponsored laundry machines.

Good Parenting In The Genes

Parenting  21 April '17

Why Are Some Parents Good At Parenting? Harvard Study Reveals It's In The Genes

Harvard experts conducted the study on parenting in mice but it could shed light on studies relating to human behavior.

Worm Therapy For Autism

Issues  20 April '17

Worm Therapy For Autism: 4-Year-Old Progressing After 'Eating Worms' For 2 Months

The mom of 4-year-old Milan Solanski said her son showed improved behavior and responses after undergoing the experimental treatment.

Hair Dye During Pregnancy

Moms  20 April '17

Hair Treatment During Pregnancy: Mom Nearly Loses Baby From Extreme Allergic Reaction

Mom Jess Stratchan endured her allergies from the hair dye chemical for days. Her doctor told her an internal reaction would've killed her baby.

Boston Basics Parenting

Parenting  20 April '17

Boston Basics Parenting: What Does It Teach Parents And How Can They Join?

Ronald Ferguson's Boston Basics Parenting started in 2015 and the initiative has over 100 partner groups and experts.

Hijab In Muslim Women

Children  20 April '17

Muslim Teen And Her Dad's Heartfelt Text Exchange Corrects Wrong Notions On Hijab-Wearing Women

Laamya, 17, told her dad she wants to take off her hijab and he replied in manner most people with wrong notions about Muslim women did not expect.

Sleep Hours Affect School Start Times

Parenting  20 April '17

School Start Times: Sleep Doctors Say HS Kids Avoid Accidents, Depression With Later School Time

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) members recommend an 8:30 a.m. school start time for high schools.

Pot Smoking Pregnant Teens

Children  20 April '17

Pot Smoking Among Pregnant Teens More Common Than Non-Pregnant Girls

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted a survey on pot smoking and pregnancy among 410,000 women.

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