Single Mom Fears Son With Autism Will Kill Her, Begs Help For Violent 9-Year-Old

A single mother lives fearing for her life as she's raising her 9-year-old son with autism. Caroline Lewis, 50, reveals her son Paulie has a violent streak. She fears he's going to kill her or someone one day if he doesn't get the proper treatment needed.

Lewis revealed Paulie struggled with autism even before he could learn to talk. The boy's behavioral issues became more pronounced as he grew up. His mother said he would attack her every day, Daily Mail reported.

Paulie also physically harmed his teachers and classmates on more than one incident. Parents at the boy's school actually petitioned for Paulie's expulsion. Lewis expressed worries her son's outburst could soon land him in prison for murder.

Lewis also said she feels like a prisoner in her own house while dealing with a violent child with autism. Workers from the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) visited the family home with the police a total of four times since Paulie's behavior escalated, as per Daily Mirror.

The mom already sought intervention from the council in her district at Essex. Lewis hoped they could send Paulie to a boarding school for special needs cases but there's a long wait for a slot for her son.

"We are working to complete an assessment to establish this child's educational needs, before finding the best available solution as soon as possible," members of the Essex Council said in its statement. "We will continue to support the family in the interim."

Lewis, however, understands this is not entirely her son's fault. The mom is aware the child doesn't realize his psychopath tendencies because he doesn't understand what's going on most of the time.

Sarah Lambert of the National Autistic Society said Lewis' problems showed a glaring reality on how families with a child with autism do not get good educational support from the system. Some 74 percent of families confirmed in a survey they struggled with this aspect.

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