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Child With Autism Is Violent

Issues  18 April '17

Single Mom Fears Son With Autism Will Kill Her, Begs Help For Violent 9-Year-Old

Caroline Lewis, a single mother, wants her city council to help her with her 9-year-old son with autism's special needs education and care as he has become violent.

10-Year-Old Boy With Autism Handcuffed

Issues  15 April '17

Florida Mom Blasts School For Arresting, Handcuffing Her 10-Year-Old Child With Autism [VIDEO]

Mom Luanne Haygood caught the arrest of her son John Benji Haygood on video to expose the mistreatment of children with autism.

After An Autism Diagnosis

Autism  29 March '17

Autism Awareness: What Should Parents Do Next If Their Child Is Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder?

An autism diagnosis is a good thing because then parents know what they must do to help their child with autism spectrum disorder.

Swing For Special Needs

School Age  24 March '17

Sister To The Rescue! 8-Year-Old Writes Council About Park Swing For Twin Brother With Special Needs

Naomi Gwynne made a plea for her twin brother Isaac who loves swings despite his autism and visual disability.

Dalmatians Helped Child With Autism Read

Autism  12 March '17

Child With Autism Overcomes Fear Of Books Thanks To 2 Dalmatians' Help

Keaton Cook's reading companions and therapy dogs are a pair of Dalmatians named Charlie and Dotty.

Autism In The Family

Autism  9 March '17

How Do Children Cope When One Sibling Has Autism? A Mother Shares Her Sons' Story

Having a child with special needs is challenging not only for the parents but also for the brother or sister.

The World Premiere of Disney's 'THE JUNGLE BOOK'

Autism  6 July '16

Child With Autism: Disney Movies Helped Unlock Owen Suskind's Autism; His Story In 'Life, Animated' Documentary

The positive effects of good Disney Movies on Children with Autism is exemplified in the life of Owen Suskind.

Kim Raver Reads 'Since We're Friends: An Autism Picture Book'

SPED Kids  11 April '16

How To Parent A Child With Autism? 5 Unbelievable Myths Debunked!

Raising a child with autism is stil surrounded with a lot of "myths" that are misunderstood.

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