Florida Dad And Daughter Charged For Selling Pot Brownies In School, Students Hospitalized For Marijuana Ingestion

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 17, 04:00 am

Police charged a Florida dad and his daughter for selling pot brownies during a school event. Authorities learned of the illegal bake sale after some students landed in the hospital for marijuana ingestion.

Police came after Robert Johnson, 38, and his unnamed 17-year old daughter, as well as four other teenagers for selling marijuana in Palm Beach. Investigations revealed Johnson grew marijuana in his backyard and baked the brownies. The teenagers, on the other hand, sold the goods for $10 during a school baseball game, Sick Chirpse reported.

Two students who bought and ate the pot brownies, however, ended up in the hospital for eating more than the acceptable dosage of cannabis or THC oil found in the dessert. Palm Bay police Lt. Mike Bandish said the students didn't know pot brownies should only be eaten in one small bite or two as per The Daily Beast. It looked like they ate it in one go.

Police said they were not aware the Florida dad was a pot dealer as he wasn't "on their radar." Bandish said they normally go after heroin or fentanyl peddlers and users. The incident with the sick kids, however, prompted the authorities to obtain a search warrant, which led to the discovery of his drug operation at home.

Johnson faces several charges like sale and delivery of a controlled substance in school and to a minor, as well as cannabis possession for selling. Currently, the sale and possession of marijuana are illegal in Florida and those arrested could be jailed for a minimum of one year with a $1,000 fine, as per NorML.  There are, however, medical marijuana dispensaries in the state bounded by limited laws.

Florida lawmakers are also pushing to amend its marijuana laws via HB 1403, which will make pot possession a non-criminal violation. In fact, some cities already have ordinances in place that serve to decriminalize marijuana use.

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