Pregnancy Superstitions: Old Wives' Tales Moms From Around The World Have Heard, What's Your Favorite?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 17, 04:00 am

A torrent of unsolicited advice from family and friends comes once pregnant moms reveal their condition in public. Some of these are helpful tips but a few could include pregnancy superstitions.

Every mom from around the world has heard an old wives' tale or two on pregnancy. This makes the pregnancy experience more fun and colorful, whether pregnant moms follow the beliefs or not.

Baby showers are a no-no under Jewish beliefs or pregnancy superstition, as per New York Times. A small gathering to celebrate the baby's coming could entice the Angel of Death, resulting in the baby's sad fate, so it's best to do celebrations after birth.

The Chinese delay house renovations when there's a pregnant woman at home or else it will be harmful to the baby's spirit. The Chinese also do not attend weddings or funerals while a woman is heavy with child as the baby's energy could come in conflict with the occasion's energy negatively, as per Smart Parents Singapore.

It's not advisable for pregnant moms to wear any jewelry or braid their hair among the Inuit from Canada. The elders believe this could lead to the baby choking on his umbilical cord during birth, as per Classroom. Elders also advise against women walking backward through doors to prevent a breech birth.

The Hispanics believe pregnant moms must avoid looking at something or someone ugly or else they will have an ugly child. They also limit bath times to prevent "dirty water" from affecting the fetus, as per Baby Center.

It's common for parents in Ukraine to prepare the baby's room and stuff until after birth. Preparing ahead of the birth is bad luck based on their pregnancy superstitions, as per Europe Is Not Dead.

It's better for Italian moms to indulge in their food cravings or else the baby could end up with a birth mark similar to the food they wanted. Scratching the belly is not advisable among Brazilian or Israeli moms because the baby might also have obvious birth marks that cannot be covered with clothes.

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