June Bride Learns Her 5 Bridesmaids Are All Pregnant; Their Due Dates Fall Near Her Wedding Day

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 08, 04:00 am

June bride Heather Lundgren is in the middle of planning her dream wedding. Following her engagement in 2015, the bride sets out a meticulous preparation and enlisted five bridesmaids to help her.

Lundgren picked friends Lauren, Miranda, Ashley, Kari and Laurel as her bridesmaids because their friendships were significant to her in each stage of her life, the bride wrote via Redbook. The five women also had Lungdren as part of their weddings before.

Lundgren wrote she anticipated one of her best friends would be pregnant during her wedding's planning, given their ages and priorities. The first pregnancy announcement came in October 2016 with Miranda but what Lundgren did not expect was learning a few weeks apart that Kari, Lauren, Ashley and Laurel were also having babies.

Initially, Lundgren's dilemma was in figuring out how to make adjustments to her wedding preparations since her bridesmaids might not be able to do their duties all the way through. Some of them might not even be present on the day of the wedding. The future bride, however, grew more concerned about her bridesmaids' conditions especially when wedding planning can become stressful, as per Stay Hitched.

Lundgren's bridesmaids, however, sat her down one day to assure her they can still do their bridesmaids duties despite their pregnancies. "We will come to you if we feel like we can't be there, but you don't need to over-think and over-plan around us," the bridesmaids told their friend.

Lundgren said she's more grateful for having picked Lauren, Miranda, Ashley, Kari and Laurel as her bridesmaids. She watched in awe as her girlfriends bonded and bounced ideas for her wedding off each other during one of their meets. "I would never expect someone to put their life on hold for me - and especially not for my wedding - but I also never expected to have an entirely pregnant bridal party," she said.

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