Dad Muses On Kids Growing Up Fast: Time Is A Gift

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 18, 04:00 am

The passing of time brings some realization and a dad muses that his kids are growing up fast. Caleb Harris of Daddy Days finds a new appreciation for the gift of time as he watches his sons changing before his eyes.

Harris said he's grown aware of one of his children growing up as they enjoyed a father-son bonding time outdoors one spring day. It made him realize every time spent with his children is a precious gift and pretty soon these moments will disappear as they grow older.

Thus, he vowed to enjoy every waking moment with his sons, while they are still younger. "I'll keep my eyes open for the amazing gifts wrapped up in the everyday paper of life," he wrote via Statesman.

Harris said he's appreciative of the fact he has memories of these bonding moments to look back on when he's old. He, however, knew that he will still miss those days when his children were little kids.

Harris mirrors the sentiments of every parent whose kids are growing up, becoming independent and starting their life as young adults. One moment they are inseparable from their parents and the next moment they are in relationships, applying for colleges, looking for jobs and raising their own family.

One mom said she's also making every precious moment count while her kids still need her. She wrote via We Have Kids she doesn't sweat the small stuff anymore, such as when the kids get messy or she can't prepare them healthy food.

The most important thing is to build happy memories while they are still younger. "Take the time to put away at least a few of the many pictures, homemade cards, or pasta necklaces that you will receive over the years," she advised, adding families should also take plenty of pictures and spend plenty of holidays together.

Are you going through the same motions as these parents? What are you doing to cope with the passing of time? Share your tips in the comments section below! 

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