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Kids Growing Up Fast

Dads  18 April '17

Dad Muses On Kids Growing Up Fast: Time Is A Gift

Every parent understands this all too well: as time passes come the realization they are growing up too fast.

Funeral Held For Baton Rouge Police Shooting Victim Alton Sterling

Development  25 November '16

Parenting Facts: How To Deal With Rejection For Being A Dad

Children tend to associate moms with safety and security and are able to vocalise this preference as toddlers.

Aaron Young

Dads  4 November '16

Dad Arrested For Kidnapping His Twins – What Is The Story Behind The Act?

Dad, who was caught in Sacramento after a warrant for kidnapping his kids was issued, disputed the allegations and claimed that he was just being a father to his twins.

A man jumps off the bridge, committing suicide.

Toddler  28 October '16

Dad Commits Suicide With Two Sons By Jumping off The Bridge; Father Died But Children Miraculously Lived

A father from New Jersey jumped over the bridge with his two sons who are toddlers. He died, but his sons are bound to live.

Dad and Parenting

Dads  1 October '16

21st Century Dads More Involved In Parenting? Their Contributions And Effects To Child Development

Dads of the new generation are getting more involved in parenting. Learn their contributions and its possible effects to the development of the child.

ITU World Triathlon Hamburg - Day 1

Dads  16 August '16

Soon to be Fathers Have Lower Testosterone Levels: Why This is Good News, Study Shows

Expectant fathers are biologically designed to drop in levels of testosterone.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Development  8 August '16

Parents And Children: Stressed Fathers Affect Their Child's Language Skills And Cognitive Development

A study found that if a father feels stressed, the effects extend to his children.

Heckling Your Teenage Girl For Taking Selfies Is A Big Turn Off For Parents

Family Life  14 July '16

The Scrutiny on Selfies: Heckling Your Teenage Girl For Taking Selfies, Is It Worth The Embarassment?

Dad disciplined her teenage daughter by imitating her selfies and post it in his instagram account. it's funny but somehow doing something to embarrass her daughter is not a good parenting style expert says.

Sale Of Automatic Weapons Comes Under Scrutiny After Orlando Shootings

Teens/Young Adults  5 July '16

Teen Boy Killed Accidentally By Dad While Practicing In A Shooting Lane With His Three Children

Stephen Brumby was fatally shot by his dad when they were practicing firing at a shooting range.

Safe in the loving arms of his Dad, David Snook, o

Infant  24 June '16

What Happened To The Texas Baby Her Dad Forgot In A Hot Car And Placed Her Inside A Fridge?

Michael Thedford, in desperation, placed his 6-month-old daughter inside a fridge after leaving her for four hours in a hot car.

display of Father's Day gift cards

Science  13 June '16

#Goaskdad Campaign by Gillette: Reminds Us To Turn Our Hearts Towards Our Fathers

A campaign with Gillette spells #goaskdad. A reminder to us this fathers day and every day.

Parenting Counts: Every Baby Communicates In Unique Ways

Family ♥ Story  24 May '16

This Baby Has A Unique Way To Communicate With Her Parents

Every baby has their own way to communicate without even speaking a word.

How to Talk to Your Kids

Family ♥ Story  20 May '16

[VIDEO] How To Talk To Your Child

Here's a short clip featuring dad sharing a funny conversation with his adorable little man.

Funny Babies Moments - When Dad Is Left Alone With Baby

Family ♥ Story  19 May '16

[VIDEO] See What These Dads Are Doing With Their Kids When Mom Is Not Around

Dads are literally their wives' first born.

First bath with daddy

Family ♥ Story  19 May '16

[VIDEO] Wow ! Sweet Dad Bathes Baby For The First Time

In most instances, moms are the ones who bathe their babies. Babies are fragile, they need utmost care and some dads can't keep with it.

Foyles Book Shop Launches Summer Of Fun With Where's Wally Dress Up

Dads  15 April '16

3 Things Not to Say to Stay-At-Home-Dads

Here are some things that one shouldn't say to a stay-at-home dad.

NASCAR XFINITY Series Kansas Lottery 300

Parenting  15 April '16

Parent's PDA Might Be Good For Kids' Health: Study

Research shows that affectionate love between a mom and dad helps the children to become healthy.

Chris Brown In Concert - Chicago, IL

null  10 April '16

Chris Brown Talks About Royalty Changing HIs Life - "I See A Better Version Of Myself"

Chris Brown is a changed man because of Royalty. His wild days have come to an end.

Behind The Scenes At The Chiang Mai Cabaret Show

Toddler  20 February '16

This Father's Trick On Keeping His Toddler Busy Would Shock You As He Uses Household Materials

Keeping a toddler busy is a tough job, but this dad made it look easy. Find out what he built!

'Good Grief' Camp Counsels Children Of Fallen Military Personnel

News  19 November '15

How To Be The Best Dad Each Day

Want to be the best dad that you can be? Here are some tips on becoming the best dad each day.

Retailers Seek To Boost Fathers Day Sales

Family Life  18 June '15

Father's Day 2015 Ideas: 5 Heartwarming & Affordable Gifts For Dad

Spending time with your loved ones is an under-rated yet extremely thoughtful gift. In addition to this, by involving your entire family, you can teach your kids that not all things of value need to come with a price tag. Here is a list of five ideas that will definitely touch hearts.

Xbox Gaming

Family Life  18 May '15

Dad Forces Son to Destroy Xbox Because of Low Grades - Parenting Yay or Nay? [Poll]

A punishment for a son that got bad grades may make his dad either receive a compliment for being a great father or criticism for being heartless.

North West doing footsie with dad, Kanye West.

News  24 April '15

Kanye West Daughter: North West Does Footsie with Dad, Adorable Photo Melts Hearts

Kim Kardashian just posted an adorable photo of her little one, North West, doing footsie with daddy, Kanye, according to US Magazine.

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