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Baby Brain In Moms Exist

Moms  4 May '17

Baby Brain Study Reveals Having Babies Shrinks Women's Brains, Here's Why This Is A Great Thing

Pregnancy results in a woman's shrinking brain, so moms can sometimes become forgetful. There's a special reason why this happens and it has to do with biology.

Parental Burnout Happens

Parenting  4 May '17

Parental Burnout: Study Confirms It Exists And Here's How Moms And Dads Can Prevent It

Moms and dads do need to take a break from parenting, or else they will have a parental burnout.

Sheryl Crowe's Priority Are Her Kids

Moms  3 May '17

Why Sheryl Crowe Believes She's A Rockstar Mom To Her Adopted Kids

Sheryl Crowe decides to slow down from making music to focus on her two boys, Wyatt, 9, and Levi, 7.

Michelle Obama Spills Her Daughters Last Days At White House

Moms  3 May '17

Mom Michelle Obama Spills Malia And Sasha Had A Sleepover On Their Final Night At White House

The Obama daughters had a typically teenage send-off party on their last night at their home for eight years.

Same-Sex Dads Let Son Meet Real Mom

Issues  3 May '17

Adoption Story To Warm Your Hearts: Same-Sex Dads Arrange Their Son's Meeting With His Birth Mom

Dads Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller and Blair Miller decided to have Zeke, 4 and Cash, 3, through open adoption and Zeke's birth mom BreAnn Higgins agreed to a reunion recently.

Turbulent Flight Hurts Passengers

Children  3 May '17

Extremely Turbulent Flight Leaves 3 Babies, 27 Passengers With Broken Bones And Head Injuries

All 27 injured passengers, including the babies, received treatment and care from doctors. Some remained in the hospital for a full recovery.

Issues  3 May '17

Autism Awareness: 'Amazing Things Happen' Video Helps Children Understand Autism Better [WATCH]

Alex Amelines, an animator from the U.K., created the video and encouraged parents and teachers to watch this with their kids.

Triplets With Craniosynostosis

Health  3 May '17

NY Triplets With Same Rare Skull Deformity Recovering Well After Surgery, Make Medical History

All three boys, Jackson, Hunter and Kaden Howard, had craniosynostosis which affect one in 2,500 births.

Parents' Bad Habits Are Bad For Health

Parenting  3 May '17

The Parenting Habits Making Moms And Dads Sick: Recognize These Signs

Does some of the habits seem familiar to you, parents? This is a wake-up call to change what's bad for the sake of you health!

Jimmy Kimmel's Son Has A Heart Condition

Dads  3 May '17

Dad Jimmy Kimmel Tearfully Reveals His Newborn Baby Had Open-Heart Surgery

Jimmy Kimmel's newborn son, Billy, had a congenital heart disease. He will still undergo further surgeries when he's older.

Childhood Stress In Adulthood

Parenting  2 May '17

Childhood Stress Is A Toxic Killer In Adulthood As 'Resilience' Documentary Highlights

James Redford tackles childhood stress or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) in the "Resilience" documentary.

Parents As Best Friends Of Their Kids

Parenting  2 May '17

Parents As Best Friends: How Can Moms And Dads Be Buddies With Their Kids Without Losing Authority?

Parents who are best friends with their kids establish a level of trust that make them their confidante.

Time In Better Than Time-Out

Parenting  2 May '17

Positive Discipline: Here's Why A 'Time In' Is Better Than A Time-Out

Are you still giving children time-outs, parents? Here's why it's best to ditch the method and do a "time in" instead.

Leaked Facebook Document Revealed Data Mining Practices

Parenting  2 May '17

Facebook Admits Exploiting Children And Insecure Teens With Targeted Ads, Leaked Document Reveals

Facebook confirmed the leaked document on targeted ads on kids existed. The company also apologized for the oversight.

ICE Held An Undocumented Mexican Teenager

Children  2 May '17

Immigration Detains 18-Year-Old Seeking Asylum In US On His Birthday

Erik Javier Flores Hernandez gets an unexpected surprise from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on his 18th birthday and now lawyers come to his defense.

Mom With Cancer Help Husband Date Women

Issues  2 May '17

Mom Dying Of Cancer Helps Husband Date Other Women So 'He Would Be Happy Again'

Sarah Reed, 37, also needs her husband Lee Reed to find a nice woman her daughter with autism will like.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention

Children  2 May '17

Shaken Baby Syndrome: What Parents And Caregivers Must Do To Avoid An Accident

Whether done on purpose or by accident, there's no way to reverse the damage of shaken baby syndrome.

Children Sue Trump On Climate Change

Children  2 May '17

Climate Change, Donald Trump: 21 Children Sue The President On Behalf Of The Environment

Children are seeking justice for the environment in a climate change lawsuit filed against President Donald Trump.

Salma Hayek's Daughter Sells Slime

Children  1 May '17

Salma Hayek's Daughter Valentina Shows Sharp Business Sense Just Like Her Parents [VIDEO]

Valentina Hayek Pinault impressed mom Salma Hayek because she made something bigger out of her slime-making hobby.

Lee Daniels Is A Foster Dad To Twins

Dads  1 May '17

'Empire' Creator Lee Daniels Explains Why He's A Proud Foster Parent To Twins

Lee Daniels' adopted his brother's twins when he wasn't prepared for fatherhood. Now he's proud foster parent.

Donald Trump Jr. Honors Dad President Trump

Dads  1 May '17

Donald Trump, Jr. Honors Dad's First 100 Days: President Trump Is A 'Man Of Action Who Keeps His Promises'

As Donald Trump, Jr. hailed his father's accomplishments so far, President Donald Trump joined his supporters in Pennsylvania to commemorate his First 100 Days.

Emmanuel Macron's Wife Is 24 Years Older

Issues  1 May '17

French Presidential Bet Emmanuel Macron: How His Parents Learned He's Dating A Woman 24 Years Older

France's Emmanuel Macron, touted as the next president at 39, is married to his former teacher, Brigitte Trogneux, 64.

Louisiana Teachers Arrested For Child Abuse

Issues  1 May '17

Child Abuse: 2 Louisiana Teachers Who 'Ordered' Bullying Of 11-Year-Old Student Face Criminal Charges

Police arrested teachers Ann Marie Shelvin, 44, and Tracy Gallow, 50, for instigating the bullying an 11-year-old girl. Her mother reported the incidents.

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