Child Abuse: Dad Uses Stun Gun On 11-Year-Old Son As Punishment For Not Doing Homework

Police charged a dad from Arizona for child abuse and aggravated assault following reports he used a stun gun on his son. Darryl Ingram, 49, shocked his 11-year-old  as punishment because the boy failed to do his homework.

School officials called the Department of Children Services (DCS) about Ingram after noticing the 11-year-old had "numerous scattered spot-like abrasion," as per ABC 15 Arizona. The dad denied he owned a stun gun and said he only used a phone app and not a weapon. Police, however, found the weapon among his belongings when they searched his place.

The 11-year-old told police this wasn't the first time his dad shocked him. The boy also got beaten up with Ingram's metal cane quite a number of times. Sometimes, his dad would let him pick between the stun gun and the metal cane as punishment. His father also told him the stun gun wasn't charged all the way as it was "like a toy" compared to what cops use.

There were indeed court records showing a child abuse investigation of Ingram in the past, as per People. Child welfare workers from DCS looked into reports of the dad spanking his son but the courts dismissed the matter.

Ingram, who paid bail for his release, intended to scare his son with the stun gun so he would become obedient. "If your behavior and the way you're doing things continues on, somewhere down the line, this is something that is going to be used on you," the dad said.

The dad also defended his use of the weapon to the local press as it was just "like a pinch" to the skin. Daily Mail reported Ingram was a former Army veteran but currently works as a medical assistant. His son, meanwhile, moved out of state and is now living with his mother.

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