Father Of 25 Kids, Girlfriend Fake 16-Week-Old's Death, Bring Infant's Battered Corpse For A Bus Ride

By OIivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 21, 08:48 pm

A father of 25 kids and his girlfriend could face a lengthy jail time after they tried to fake their 16-week-old infant's death. The mother even took her lifeless child for a bus ride in Stratford, East London, where she staged the infant's demise, in an attempt to cover up their maltreatment.

Rosalin Baker and Jeffrey Wiltshire recently pleaded guilty for the death of their infant daughter, Imani, in September last year. Per BBC, the couple initially denied responsibility in the death of the 16-week-old baby.

Court sentence for the 52-year-old failed 90s rapper and 25-year-old mom remained indefinite, however, they were prepped to face a "substantial sentence." Baker and Wiltshire faced murder charge months ago but was acquitted. The accused were then charged for causing or allowing Imani's death.

One CCTV footage revealed that the father even gave a thumbs up right before Baker and their dead child rode the bus. The mother went on board and appeared to be using her mobile phone for a while until she raised an alarm, claiming that Imani, whose corpse is strapped in Baker's chest, was feeling unwell.

CCTV footage also showed that Baker was seen to be calm before staging Imani's death, and even until she staged the chilling ordeal. Baker claimed that she was forced by her boyfriend to fake Imani's cause of death, according to Daily Mirror.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC confirmed that the infant died because of physical abuse. Imani suffered a fractured skull, broken wrist and 40 rib fractures. The infant also suffered brain injuries and was found out to be attacked thrice within the week of her demise.

The prosecutor also said that Imani, who was born prematurely and spent her first six weeks in incubator, must have caught up a lot of pain and distress. The 16-week-old died with her arms being pulled after being thrown on a hard surface and her chest heavily pressed.

Baker gave evidence that Wiltshire killed her daughter and testified that he even said that it was her fault for not agreeing to give up Imani for adoption. The mom also claimed that Wiltshire is a drug addict, who smokes cocaine and heroin every day.

Wiltshire, however, denied the accusation. "I'm not a life taker, I'm a baby maker," Wiltshire, who fathered his 25 children with 18 women, said and described his murdered daughter to be "tiny and beautiful."

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