Parenting: Why Single Parenthood Stigma Needs To End

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 20, 09:39 pm

Single parents deserve all the props for raising their children single-handedly. In these times, however, they are still subject to criticism and are often clouded within a stigma as if they are still not doing enough.

A mother-of-two spoke the truth of this negative belief towards single parents. Alli Plunkett, lifestyle writer and founder of Natty Me Clothing, said in a Huffington Post piece that she is already used to the stigma that it does not even bother her anymore.

There are times, however, that she felt she wanted to defend co-single parents on behalf of them because the criticisms are still rampant. It's still evident that three out of four single parents in the United Kingdom admitted in a study that they felt criticized for their lack of partners, per a separate Huffington Post report.

In Australia, ABC reported that one political candidate blasted single mothers to be "too lazy to attract and hold a mate." Too many people often judge single parents, but according to Plunkett, stigma should not be an issue anymore especially if the kids' needs are met.

As much as single parenting is not an issue for her, it wasn't also a thing for her kids. Plunkett says that despite singlehandedly raising her child for almost a decade, the kids see her as if she had two grown heads.

Plunkett also said that single parents should not also let the stigma into their heads. Blaming a broken home for a single-parented family's problems will only escalate the situation into being worst.

"If one of my children makes a 'poor choice' with their behavior I don't immediately blame myself and presume that it's because they come from a broken home," Plunkett said. "I actually immediately presume it's because they are children who are finding their way in life."

Single families hold a minority in the world's population. Sixteen percent of the families worldwide are single-parented, according to Sydney Morning Herald report. Their state of minority, however, should not be used to undermine single parents who are strong enough to carry on their responsibility hard enough for two people, let alone for one.

Do you believe that single parents are still stigmatized nowadays? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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