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Men Expected More Parenting Involvement; Women Entitled Other Roles Aside Being 'Good Wife And Mother,' Study Finds

Parenting  4 May '17

Men Expected More Parenting Involvement; Women Entitled Other Roles Aside Being 'Good Wife And Mother,' Study Finds

A global study found that nearly 70 percent of the people in 22 countries believe that fathers carry greater domestic responsibility and women should not be confined at home.

Childhood Cancer Survivors At Greater Risk If Pregnancy Complications

Moms  27 April '17

Childhood Cancer Survivors At Greater Risk Of Pregnancy Complications

Experts strengthened knowledge that high-blood pressure and diabetes loom for cancer survivors and the new research provided a fresh information that anemia also await these former patients.

Former Oxford PhD Student Not Guilty Of Rape After Texting 'I Am Really Sorry For Raping You' To The Accuser

Issues  25 April '17

Former Oxford PhD Student Not Guilty Of Rape After Texting 'I Am Really Sorry For Raping You' To The Accuser

Sherman Ip, 25, walks free after an accuser claimed that he took off her clothes and forced her to lie down in his London flat in May 2013.

Single Parenthood Stigma: How Rampant It Still Is & Why It Needs To End

Parenting  20 April '17

Parenting: Why Single Parenthood Stigma Needs To End

Single parents are hands-down one of the most hardworking people in the world, yet most of them are still undermined for their lack of partner.s

British Prime Minister Theresa May

Parenting  19 April '17

UK General Elections: A Way To Increase Education Department's Budget?

United Kingdom will hold a general election and this means possible decrease in budget in many departments.

Children with cancer

School Age  27 March '17

UK Cancer Charity Donates £1.5M For Children's Cancer Research

A cancer charity donated £1.5M in order to start a research to find better cure for children with cancer.

DHS Secretary John Kelly Visits San Ysidro Border Crossing In California

Family Life  11 February '17

Child Murders On The Decline, But Authorities Are Still Worried Despite Lowest Number Since 1972

The accessibility of mobile phones and social media may have made the job of monitoring children easier for parents.

Becky John and her family

Infant  30 December '16

Mother Got Pregnant With Triplets Week After Giving Birth To Second Child, Gave Birth To Four Babies In Less Than A Year

A mother gave birth to a total of four babies in a span of 11 months.

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Luton

Mind  21 December '16

Why Suicide Rate Is Rising To Daunting Levels In The UK

In the upcoming year, the expectation is that the suicide rates might decrease.

'Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds' Feature Newly-Weds Layton & Orlagh: Married Life Never Looked As Hilarious!

Behavior  26 November '16

'Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds' Feature Newly-Weds Layton & Orlagh: Married Life Never Looked As Hilarious!

"Secret Life of 4 Year Olds" recently showed two ginger tots, Orlagh and Layton, as they explore the life of marriage.

Toddler saves his father's life

Toddler  25 November '16

Toddler Hailed As Hero: Kid Saves Father's Life By Feeding Him Yogurt After Dad Goes Into Diabetic Shock

A toddler was able to save the life of his father by feeding his dad yogurt after the latter went into diabetic shock.

Microsoft Debuts New Products For Its XBox Gaming Unit

School  22 November '16

UK Education Expert Tom Bennett Slams ‘Gimmicky’ ‘Minecraft: Education Edition:’ Does The Game Distract Children From Learning?

U.K. education expert Tom Bennett does not see "Minecraft: Education Edition" as a positive learning tool in school. Bennett believes that the game is just a form of gimmick that distracts children from learning.

'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' World Premiere

Dads  22 November '16

‘Fantastic Beasts 2’ Spoilers & Everything Confirmed So Far: Bigger Focus On Newt’s Romantic Past, Johnny Depp & Zoe Kravitz

"Fantastic Beasts 2" will veer away from Newt's creatures and center on Grindelwald's story. Here's everything confirmed about "Fantastic Beasts 2" so far.

British Parenting versus American Parenting

Family Life  19 November '16

British Vs. American Parenting: Why The Brits' Child-Raising Approach Works

British parenting differ from American parenting and the British seems to have found the almost perfect combination to successful parenting.

Sumo Babies On The Rise

Feeding  14 November '16

Sumo Babies On The Rise: Early Infant Weaning, Misinformed Parents Blamed For Increasing Obesity Rate

The number of sumo babies, or babies born over 9 lbs, is increasing on an alarming rate. Make sure to know how to prevent infant obesity by being aware of the causes.

Shaken baby syndrome

Infant  9 November '16

Two-Month-Old Daughter Killed By Stoned Father Because He's 'Tired' & Baby Could Not Stop Crying

In a fit of anger, a father slaughtered his daughter while under the influence of cannabis because she didn't want to stop crying.

The Paley Center For Media's 33rd Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles - 'The Big Bang Theory' - Insid

Dads  8 November '16

‘Big Bang Theory’ Episode 8 Spoilers & Promo: Shamy Making A Baby! Penny & Leonard’s BDSM Scene Banned In The UK

The upcoming episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 will showcase another milestone in Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. In the episode, Sheldon will try hard to convince Amy to make a baby with him.

SAFE, EASY patient transfers: move your loved one from bed to wheelchair.

Mind  3 November '16

Britain's Central Government Slashes Social Care Services Anew; One Million Elderly & Disabled Sicker, More Depressed Than Ever

Britain's social care services budget is continuously being reduce for the last six years, with this time being truncated yet again by a billion.

Sony’s PlayStation VR Receives Additional 150 Cinematic VR Titles From Start-Up Jaunt

Technology  14 October '16

Everything You Need To Know About Oculus Rift; Specs, Release Date & Controller Price

Get ready for a new gaming experience with the Oculus Rift. Read more.

Childcare and Education To Be Key Election Issue

Behavior  13 October '16

Children Under 10 Years Old Forced Into Sexting, Sending Explicit Photos & Videos Online

Children under 10 years old commit sexting and send explicit videos and photos of themselves online. What's shocking about this, however, is many of the cases are not reported because the kids think of the practice as a normal thing to do.

'Outlander' And Saks Fifth Avenue Photocall

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  12 October '16

'Outlander' Season 3 Spoilers & News Updates: Who Will Play As Lord John Grey, Young Ian & Joe Abernathy?

As "Outlander" Season 3 premiere draws near, more and more information are revealed and recently, Starz announced three new characters and the comeback of another one.

'No Man's Sky' Game Patch to Address Latest Flaws; Atlas Stones' Use Detailed

Games  6 October '16

'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Update: Sean Murray Hello Games Flagship Broke Record? Find Out How.

Hello Games' flagship "No Man's Sky," by creator Sean Murray, set a new record but caused community outrage.

Brooklyn's 'Industry City' Showcases Local Manufactures

Body  26 September '16

Period Pain Heavily Affects Women Employees’ Work Performance: Should Monthly Menstrual Leaves Be Granted?

A great deal of women employees have been experiencing period pain while at work, and this leads to instances heavily affecting their job performance. Hence, a gynecologist said that employers should be more accommodating to its women workforce and grant monthly menstrual leaves.

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