Life-Proof Traits Young Adults Need After College: Are Your Kids Ready For The Work Life?

By Olivia Etienne, Parent Herald April 19, 09:20 pm

If your kids think college is tough, then prep them ahead for real life's challenge: the world of work — where competition is tougher, time is stricter and people are more intimidating. As these young adults wait for their tassels to be turned this spring, parents might want to run down these important skills most work neophytes will likely need.

Two of the skills that will come handy for work are life essentials. First off, curiosity. According to Forbes, most recruiters pick people who strive for new knowledge.

Forget about being recommended by other CEOs or coming off from an Ivy League school. Job recruiters long for employees who are eager and willing to discover more. These curious-minded people are more likely to innovate and this is what companies dig, as these people can help the company grow.

It is also important to be resilient to succeed in jobs. Being able to brave a challenge is one thing, but bouncing back as a better individual is another. In most aspects of life, resilience is one of the traits needed not just to survive, but to thrive.

"Those times the talent, hard work and initiative go unrecognized, or our best-laid plans get derailed, it is resilience that helps us survive," University of Michigan lecturer, Debotri Dhar, said in a Sunday Guardian Live piece. "And hopefully, even use the experience to grow stronger."

Curiosity and resilience, like any other traits, are better developed when started at a young age. These two traits, as previously reported by Parent Herald, were also regarded as part of the skills needed in order to raise good adults.

Meanwhile, generosity is also an integral part of success in a job, and this is important for those who aim for higher positions. This trait can be one of the greatest assets of a leader. By practicing generosity in leadership, subordinates will feel included, capable and motivated of improving their jobs.

Inclusion is also a skill that needs to be developed in these diversified times. Most modern workforces are a mix of different people with different ends in mind. People who are inclusion-minded, or fair and respectful of the environment's diversity, are more likely to provide organizational success, per The Talent Intelligence Company.

Getting a job is not the hardest thing after college, it's staying and succeeding at one. Once these life skills are mastered, chances are great in succeeding the work life.

To parents, give yourself a pat on the back and relax. To newly grads, congratulations on getting through school a.k.a the easiest part of life.

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