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Ohio Preschool Teacher Fired

Issues  7 May '17

Child Abuse: Ohio School Fires Teacher Following Viral Photo Of Her Dragging Preschool Child

Alta Care Group immediately took action on the teacher who dragged a preschool child in the hallway.

DaddyOFive Founders Issue Public Apology

Issues  4 May '17

Child Abuse: YouTube Pranker DaddyOFive Loses Custody Of 2 Kids To Their Biological Mom

Rose Hall, the biological mom of Cody and Emma, said DaddyOFive Mike and his wife Heather Martin told her kids she didn't love or want them.

Louisiana Teachers Arrested For Child Abuse

Issues  1 May '17

Child Abuse: 2 Louisiana Teachers Who 'Ordered' Bullying Of 11-Year-Old Student Face Criminal Charges

Police arrested teachers Ann Marie Shelvin, 44, and Tracy Gallow, 50, for instigating the bullying an 11-year-old girl. Her mother reported the incidents.

Dad Uses Stun Gun On Son

Issues  30 April '17

Child Abuse: Dad Uses Stun Gun On 11-Year-Old Son As Punishment For Not Doing Homework

Daryl Ingram, who was arrested and paid bail, used the stun gun to scare the boy into becoming an obedient child.

Childhood Trauma and the Process of Healing (by Daniel Mackler)

Child Abuse  27 April '17

Reminiscing The Impact of Childhood Trauma: What I Exactly Felt After Watching DaddyOFive’s So-Called Pranks On YouTube

A prank is a prank! But it's supposed to be a trick that is intended to be funny and not causing harm or damage.

DaddyOFive On YouTube Criticized For Child Abuse

Issues  19 April '17

Did YouTube Father DaddyOFive Commit Child Abuse? Parents Upset Over His 'Cruel' Pranks On Son Cody

Mike Martin, the owner of DaddyOFive on YouTube, loves to pull pranks on his kids but others are calling him out for mental and physical abuse.

Geneva Robinson

Issues  18 April '17

Oklahoma Grandmother Faces Three Life Sentences For Dressing Up As Witch To Terrorize Granddaughter

An Oklahoma grandmother received three life imprisonment sentences after she terrorized her granddaughter by dressing up as a witch.

Child Sex Abuse Prevention

Issues  14 April '17

Child Abuse Prevention: What Parents Can Do To Keep Children Safe From Sex Predators

Parents have the responsibility of ensuring the children live in a safe environment. Their active role helps prevent child abuse.

Blue Pinwheels For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Issues  12 April '17

Why Are So Many Blue Pinwheels Planted On The Ground In April? This Is What It Means

If you support this cause, go ahead and plant blue pinwheels in your own garden as well.

Child playing with bubbles

Issues  7 April '17

Child Abuse Awareness Month: Sixth Grader Asks Schoolmates To Donate For Child Abuse Organization

A sixth grader asked her schoolmates to donate a penny in order to help a child abuse organization.

Child Abuse Awareness Month

Issues  5 April '17

Child Abuse Awareness Month: What Are The Risk Factors And Long-Term Effects Of Abuse In Children?

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and President Donald Trump called on families and parents for ensuring the safety of children against abusers.

Forcing Kids To Eat Breakfast Is Child Abuse

Health/Nutrition  2 April '17

Why This Expert Says Forcing Breakfast On Children Is Child Abuse

Professor Terence Kealey challenges long-standing studies saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Usher Raymond & Tameka Foster Custody Hearing

Family Life  22 March '17

Parental Alienation: British Courts To Punish Parents Who Use Kids As ‘Weapons’ In Cases Of Divorce?

Parental alienation is no longer a rare case when it comes to high conflict divorce and child custody cases. Hence, a Member of Parliament (MP) in the U.K. is urging the government to recognize parental alienation and punish the perpetrators of such actions.

An Anglo-Polish Carol Service Takes Place At St Clement Danes Church

Family Life  17 March '17

Why ‘Biblical Parenting’ Can Be Described As Child Abuse

Patheos contributor Cindy Brandt recently pointed out why “biblical parenting” is a horrible concept of child-rearing.

Grandfather Kills His Son Because He Kept Hitting Granddaughter

School Age  26 February '17

Grandfather Kills Son To Protect Granddaughter From Child Abuse; Friends Set Up GoFundMe For 12-Year-Old

Mark got a call regarding his daughter that enraged him so he kept hitting her.

Lisa Marie Presley's Custody Battle

Family Life  20 February '17

Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Lockwood Divorce: Custody Battle Heats Up As Elvis' Daughter Accuses Ex-Husband Of Child Abuse

The ex-couple were married for 10 years before Presley filed for divorce in 2016. One of their problems involved money matters.

Hearing Begins On John Roberts' Nomination To The U.S. Court of Appeals

Family Life  14 February '17

Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse; Child Advocates Say Laws Needed To Penalize Manipulative Divorced Parents

This problem among families happens in 80 percent of difficult divorces and it's the children who suffer no matter what.

Water - Photo Illustrations

Toddler  9 February '17

Mom Kills 4-Year-Old Daughter For Not Brushing Her Teeth — Here's What Really Happened!

Police and medical investigations showed that Nohely was a victim of child abuse.

ICE Deports Undocumented Immigrants Via ICE Air

Autism  9 February '17

Tennessee Girl With Autism Found Locked Up In Wooden Cage, Couple Charged In Crime

Police have charged and locked up Mickey Sparks and Patricia Laws for child abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse America And Josh Charles Host 'The Big Pinwheel Garden' In NYC For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Family Life  6 February '17

Child Abuse: The Quest To Save Montana's Neglected Kids

The number of neglected and abused children in the state of Montana is on the rise. This calls for an emergency legislation that will take care of the children.

Children Today Are Over-Stressed As They Go To Tutorials To Satisfy Their Parent's Competitive Streak

School  20 January '17

Are Forced Tutorials Considered A Form Of Child Abuse?

Competition among parents has led to the rise of the tutorial industry and tutor-guilt has taken over the working mother's guilt.

A Day Inside German Children's Daycare

Development  17 January '17

Daycare Staff 'Forces' 4-Year-Old Boys To Kiss In Spin The Bottle, Mother Says Son Now In Counseling

The mom was sickened to watch a video of her child and she's now speaking up about it.

New Zealanders Rally Against Child Abuse As Moko Rangitoheriri's Killers Are Sentenced

Health/Nutrition  20 December '16

How Child Abuse Affects Individuals In Later Life

Different studies done on child abuse have suggested that those who have suffered from such kind of incidents see bad outcomes.

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