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Moms With Mental Health Issues

Postpartum  6 April '17

Are Moms With Mental Health Issues Bad Parents? Expert Weigh In On Why They Need Extra Help

Family members and medical professionals need to support moms with mental health issues like postpartum depression.

Prince George School Teaches Ballet

Early Learning  5 April '17

Prince George's New School To Teach Royal Toddler Ballet? Everything To Know About Thomas's Battersea

Prince George will begin classes in lower school at Thomas's Battersea in London in September.

David Schwimmer Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

Dads  5 April '17

David Schwimmer Fights For The Women In His Life, Launches Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

David Schwimmer, husband and dad to a 6-year-old-girl, realized most women in his life went through the harrowing experience of sexual harassment. So, he's fighting for them and all other women.

Ryan Reynolds Dad Wisdom

Dads  5 April '17

Dad Wisdom From Ryan Reynolds: Here Are Some Of His Best Statements About Fatherhood

"Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds is becoming one of Hollywood's most well-loved dads because of his honest and hilarious takes at parenting.

Child Abuse Awareness Month

Issues  5 April '17

Child Abuse Awareness Month: What Are The Risk Factors And Long-Term Effects Of Abuse In Children?

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and President Donald Trump called on families and parents for ensuring the safety of children against abusers.

Child Death Rate Down

Health/Nutrition  5 April '17

Child Death Rate Drops In Half, Fewer Kids Dying Globally Since '90s

From 14.2 million child deaths in 1990, the rate went down to 7.2 million in 2015, but researcher Dr. Nicholas Kassebaum said there's an uneven progress.

3-Parent IVF Technique Revealed

Pregnancy  5 April '17

How Did Experts Conceive World's First 3-Parent Baby? Scientists Say They Risked Creating Mutant Baby

Dr. John Zhang and his New York team did the experiment on the three-parent baby but other scientists question the procedure.

Obesity In Pregnancy

Pregnancy  5 April '17

Obesity In Pregnancy Raises Epilepsy Risk In Children, Study Finds

Experts pointed out that the more a pregnant mom gained weight, the higher the risk she puts her baby in the womb.

Twin Baby Girls Die On The Same Day

Children  5 April '17

New Jersey Twins Die On Same Day In Separate Cribs, Experts Rule Out SIDS

Alexandria Garnett lost her 7-month-old twin girls who were only sleeping on their cribs. Medical examiners, however, said this wasn't a case of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Meghan Markle's Sister Plans A Tell-All Book

Family Life  4 April '17

Sibling Jealousy? Meghan Markle's Sister Plans Tell-All Book Following Her Attacks On Prince Harry's Girlfriend

Since her romance with Prince Harry went public, "Suits" star Meghan Markle received constant criticisms from sister Samantha Grant.

British, Canadian Babies Cry More

Infant  4 April '17

Study Finds British And Canadian Babies Are World's Worst Crybabies, Dutch Infants Cry Less

Experts established a crying chart that showed British, Canadian and Italian babies cried more during their first weeks due to colic.

More Dads Stay At Home With Kids

Dads  4 April '17

More Dads Trading Careers To Stay At Home With Kids Don't Regret Role Swap With Moms

Meet three dads who gave up their jobs to tend to the kids while mommy worked. They're changing perceptions about role swapping and traditional parenting.

Common Virus Harms Babies During Pregnancy

Health  4 April '17

Pregnant Women Need To Know There's A Common Virus Causing Birth Defects ‑ What Is Cytomegalovirus?

Cytomegalovirus or CMV infection doesn't manifest and in most cases, a cure is not necessary. It is easily transmitted, however, especially if families have younger kids in the household.

A Simple Flu Killed One Mom's Daughter

Health/Nutrition  4 April '17

Mother Recounts How Healthy Teen Daughter Died From Simple Flu In New Documentary 'Unseen Enemy'

Gwen Zwanziger's 17-year-old daughter Shannon succumbed to flu or influenza in December 2014. The mom is helping raise awareness about flu dangers in the film "Unseen Enemy."

Platonic Parenting Works Between Best Friends

Family Life  4 April '17

When Moms Co-Parent With Their Best Friend: How Platonic Parenting Works

Best friends Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins are not romantically linked but they have legally agreed to co-parent 7-year-old Elaan.

Adam And Eve

School  4 April '17

Teacher In Trouble For Saying 'Adam and Eve' Are Fake, Furious Parents Complain To School

Teacher Nina Kossman thought discussing "Adam and Eve" with her young students would help build tolerance for different religions. She realized her mistake.

Jeb Bush Calls For Education Reforms

School  4 April '17

Jeb Bush Demands Education Reforms To Boost US Workers' Skills Before Robots Take Their Jobs

Former Florida governor and education advocate Jeb Bush said people should seek education reforms from President Trump's government for skill-building to ensure job security from robots.

Beyoncé Shows Off Her Maternity Style On Instagram

Pregnancy  3 April '17

Beyoncé's Maternity Style: Queen B Nails Dressing A Baby Bump With These Best Looks [PHOTOS]

In February, Beyoncé announced her second pregnancy on social media and she's using the same platform to showcase her maternity style, much to the enjoyment of her followers.

Evan Rachel Wood Wants A Normal Life For Her Son

News  3 April '17

'Westworld' Actress Evan Rachel Wood Moves From LA To Nashville So Son Grows Up 'Somewhere Normal'

Evan Rachel Wood lived in L.A. since the '90s but she's now setting roots in Nashville so her son could have a normal childhood.

Committed Moms Who Love Their Children Forego Self-Care

Mind  3 April '17

Every Mom Who Loves Her Child Commits This Top Parenting Mistake

The commitment of a mom who loves her child is unquestionable but what about her commitment to love herself?

Modern Parenting Rely On Innovations And It's Expensive

Money  3 April '17

Modern Parenting Is Expensive: How Are Parents Meeting The Challenge Amid Rising Cost?

There are perks to modern parenting because innovations supposedly help makes lives easier. Only, this comes with added expenses, so how are families coping?

Grandmothers Helpful In Early Autism Detection

Autism  3 April '17

Autism Awareness Month: Grandmothers Spot Autism Earlier, According To Experts

Grandmothers who have constant interaction with children with autism can help with early detection of the disorder better than parents.

Rainbow Baby, Sunshine Baby And Angel Baby

Infant  3 April '17

Rainbow Baby, Sunshine Baby And Angel Baby: Learn The Difference, A Guide For Parents

Rainbow, sunshine and angel babies are distinguishable terms but these refer to one and the same thing for parents: their precious children.

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