Mom-Shaming Target Speaks Up! Carrie Underwood's Trainer Finally Addresses That Time Another Parent Bullied Her

The mom who experienced bullying from another parent has finally spoken up. Erin Oprea, who works as a personal trainer for celebrities like Carrie Underwood, talked about her mom-shaming ordeal in a recent episode of "The Doctors."

The mom-shaming incident happened over a year ago. Oprea was with her son and as he was playing his soccer game, the mom decided to do jump rope routines and workout by the side of the field.

Just as Oprea was minding her business, someone took her photo. That photo ended up on social media where people judged Oprea for "trying to get attention," as per Yahoo.

Learning about the online bullying, Underwood joined in the crazy mess to defend Oprea on social media. "This guy felt the need to post this pic of my friend and trainer, Erin Oprea, along with some really insecure and mean comments," Underwood wrote, according to People. "He was shaming her for getting in some exercise during her son's soccer game," the award-winning singer added and also commented that what that parent did was not cool.

After it got crazy, Oprea finally spoke about what happened on "The Doctors." She explained she only wanted to make use of her time as her son was occupied with soccer. So, instead of just sitting around and fiddling with her phone like other parents, she proceeded to work out.

Oprea said what happened to her highlighted one crucial fact. "This is what discourages other women from working out," the trainer mom said about the shaming.

She encouraged women, who might have experienced the same thing or fear they would also be shamed, to press on. "It doesn't matter what people say. It's time to get out and do what we love doing!" Oprea said.

"The Doctors" panel host Dr. Travis Stork agreed with what Oprea did. He also reminded parents they should be role models for their children. If the kids see parents doing physical activities, it sends out the message it is important to keep one's health in check.

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