Online Classes Boosting US Higher Education: The Pros And Cons Of Internet Learning

Higher education in the United States is known for its diversity and variety in specialization, which is why many students aspire to go to college in America. Since adopting and investing in education technology, university students got more boost in their learning experience. There are, however, some pros and cons to the system of internet learning.

In 2016, some 28 percent of college students took at least one class conducted on the internet, as cited in a Babson Survey Research Group study, as per VOA. The research group also learned that aside from internet classes, earning degree programs online provided students more options and avenues of learning. One 30-year-old online student told VOA she would not be able to juggle both a career in medicine while studying for her master's degree if not for online programs.

It's easy to see why students with full-time jobs love the flexibility of online classes because they can schedule their time around it and manage their progress through self-direction. Online classes are about convenience and setting one's pace, which traditional classes cannot offer, according to Dhirendra Kumar of North Carolina State University.

Yet taking online classes or finishing an online degree program has its share of problems for students. For one thing, online classes are not designed the same way nor have the same quality education for students.

An online class on economics and international policies, for instance, might be offered in two universities for the same fees. One class, however, might only offer half the modules available in the other class or could be finished in a faster time frame. Its systems and process of learning are not as educational as the other class.

Online classes also require a great amount of self-discipline and responsibility from the students and their attitude affects the outcome. Students taking online classes must be able to maintain a structure in order to complete their programs and sometimes this isn't possible with their other responsibilities.

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