Wisconsin Father Gets Angry After Principal Accuses His Daughter Of Selling Sex Toys At School

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 24, 06:58 pm

A school principal accused a 12-year-old girl of selling sex toys at school. As a result, the girl's father became irate towards the school official.

The sixth-grader from Racine, Wisconsin sold Water Snake Wigglies in order to raise money for the Trinity Lutheran Church in the area. The girl discovered the product during a church service as the Water Snake Wigglies calmed an autistic child.

School principal Pamela Amling, however, accused the child named Frances Habeck of selling sex toys despite the teacher's approval. Amling went to the girl's basketball practice and suspended Habeck for three days, Blasting News said.

Originally, Amling confiscated the items from the 7th-grade class of Habeck's older sister. Amling then searched for more Water Snake Wigglies and found a box that had the word "Dillys" written on it.

Habeck's father decided to speak against the principal. Her father said the principal mentioned a name of a sex toy and when she looked it up, she realized she should not have learned about it. The child felt shocked such word came from the principal and because of the incident, the girl cried herself to sleep and started to flunk in school.

The principal believed "Dillys" referred to penis-shaped sex toys but Habeck's father contended it meant the Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen. The student's father added, "A dilly means it's a humdinger, it's special, not because it's close to something used by adults. Maybe one of the girls she collaborated with had visited Dairy Queen and seen the name Dilly."

The father of the girl stated the aforementioned statements via a lengthy blog post titled "Vindicate Frances." He stood in front of the Trinity Lutheran Church in order to give passersby pieces of paper where they could read the blog post. He said he will pull out his children from the school next school year, Twin Cities said.

The school argued they did not suspend Habeck for selling such toys but they suspended her because students sexualized the Water Snake Wigglies. The school said it became a disruption to learning.

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