NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Orders School Staffers To Block Immigrations, Customs Enforcement Agents Without Warrant

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald March 22, 09:54 pm

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered school staffers not to allow Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents when they want to enter school buildings without a signed warrant from a judge. No incidents took place regarding agents busting into schools but it is a precautionary measure considering the many cases wherein immigrants get arrested and deported since President Donald Trump ordered the removal of illegal migrants in the country.

De Blasio said they want to clarify to parents ICE agents will not be allowed to bust into schools without any warrant and he announced such because he believed parents are very afraid now. Worried parents feared that agents were going to schools and single out children believed to be living in the United States illegally. He added, "I know it sounds outlandish, but we're seeing things that we have not seen before and there's a tremendous amount of fear out there... We have to be ready for anything."

If it happens that ICE agents cannot present warrants, the principal and school safety officials will call the New York Police Department as well as city lawyers for assistance while the agents wait outside the building. Reports said the Department of Education will not be required to provide information to ICE agents regarding particular students unless the warrant says so, as per New York Daily News.

In cases where ICE agents could present warrants, they are allowed to execute it. However, officials will remain present in order to monitor if the areas searched or the people that they need to talk to are the only ones the agents have contact with in accordance with the warrant issued by the judge, Town Hall reported.

De Blasio also talked about programs that will be held in their schools in order to prepare parents regarding the immigration policies of Trump. Schools will also facilitate workshops called Know Your Rights to answer questions from parents regarding their rights and will also offer legal aid.

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