Musician Bruce Springsteen Guests On 'WTF'; Questions Donald Trump's Competency As President Of The United States

By Claire Parker, Parent Herald January 03, 06:21 pm

Singer and songwriter Bruce Springsteen is not a fan of Donald Trump as he dropped by the podcast of Marc Maron called "WTF" then questioned the competency of the president-elect. He noted during the guesting that he does not like the ideas being embodied by the real estate mogul.

Springsteen first shared with Maron and the "WTF" listeners that he felt disgusted before but he has never felt such kind of fear that he feels now. He said that he fears about someone being not competent enough to do a particular job. He also asked if Trump has the "pure competence to be put in the position of such responsibility," Rolling Stone reported.

Springsteen continued to say that if bigotry, racism, and intolerance are let out of the bottle, comparing it to a genie, these things won't got back in the bottle easily. He was talking on "WTF" for an hour and said that Americans have voted Trump because most of the people who voted for him were affected by the deindustrialization and global technological advances. One of the platforms of Trump was that he will be bringing jobs back in the United States and it has affected how the votes turned out. Springsteen also said that the promise of Trump to build a wall to keep immigrants out of the country is something that compelled people to vote for him.

Urpoxx reported that this is not the first time Springsteen talked about Trump. In the past, he called the business mogul a flagrant and toxic narcissist. Springsteen also campaigned for Hillary Clinton but his efforts did not bear fruit.

Aside from talking negatively about Trump, Springsteen did say that America is still America and he still believes in the country's ideals. He ended his interview by saying that he will play his small part in maintaining the ideals of the United States.

Trump is set to officially take the presidential post this January. Trump has not yet commented on Springsteen's statements.

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