Parenting Fears: Average Parents Won't Let Kids Outside Until Age 10, Survey Reveals

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 27, 04:00 am

A study found that the average parent won't let his or her children outside until they are over the age of 10. A new survey on parenting fears showed some interesting results among 3,000 parents.

Those who took part in the survey also said they were more likely to allow their daughters, at age 10 and a half, outside to play alone than their sons, at age 11. Families Online conducted the survey among U.K. parents. It polled moms and dads to figure out which outdoor activities would click with today's families.

Chief of the reasons parents fear about letting children outside is an abduction or stranger danger. Nearly half of the 3,000 respondents picked this as a "top worry," as per Daily Mirror. Following abduction, parents fear for their children's safety against cars on the road.

The majority said the right time for kids to venture on their own would be around secondary school when they are old enough to travel without a parent or guardian. Surprisingly, however, the same parents also said they were a lot younger when their own parents allowed them outside.

Many said they started playing on the streets at averagely between five to seven-years-old. "My son is seven and there is no way I'd let him go out and play by himself," 34-year-old dad Steven Herbert said.

Families Online director Faye Mingo said their survey highlighted parenting fears in the modern age. "We want to instill independence and confidence in our children, but we want to keep them safe too," Mingo said, as per Scotsman.

Play Scotland head Marguerite Hunter Blair cited parents who become overprotective of their kids are undermining their children's development and competence. The days, children grow up developing fears early as well. "It means that they roam less, far than they would have done in the past," Blair said.

Do you feel the same way as the parents in the survey? Do you have other fears aside from the ones already mentioned?

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