Boost Baby's Brain Power In Pregnancy: What Moms Must Do To Have A Smart Baby

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 27, 05:31 am

A mom's influence on her baby begins as soon as the conception of the fetus happens. How she takes care of her health during her pregnancy matters because it will impact the fetus' progress, including the baby's brain power.

A baby's intelligence is both inherent and developed. It's a combination of many factors such as the genes, the mother's diet, physical health and general well-being. A pregnant mom, however, can harness her baby's smartness through these simple habits below.

It's never too early to start a storytime habit in babies. A pregnant mom reading children's books out loud, so the baby inside her womb hears it, is building her baby's language foundation, according to Hindustimes. One highly recommended children's book moms can read over and over is the classic Dr. Seuss' "The Cat in the Hat."

Like reading, regularly playing music while pregnant eases stress and tiredness in moms. It also helps improve her sleeping patterns and the growing baby benefits from this, too." Music stimulates the growth of brain structures and connects many activated brain areas," music education professor Wilfriend Gruhn said, as per Expectant Mother's Guide.

Doing physical activities not only keeps a pregnant mom physically fit. Exercise is a hormone boost that allows the release of good chemicals like endorphins to benefit both the mom and the baby. Good chemicals increase the neurons to as much as 40 percent and it also affects memory function, according to Mother and the Baby.

It's important for a pregnant mom to get her vitamin boost a well so that she receives balanced nutrition that passes on to the baby through the placenta. Omega-3 rich foods are known as brain food and should be in a mom's regular diet.

A previous Harvard study showed babies whose moms ate lots of fish in her pregnancy diet scored better in a mental test, Parents reported. If a mom isn't fond of fish, she can take fish oil supplements during pregnancy. Learn more about boosting brain power in babies during pregnancy in the video below.

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