Mom Who Beat Cancer Two Times Gives Birth To Twins, Dies The Day After

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 25, 04:00 am

A mom who beat cancer twice gave birth to premature but healthy twins on Friday, March 17. The day after she welcomed them into the world, however, the mother passed away as her heart gave out.

California local Jamie Snider, 30, had ovarian cancer before she got pregnant. She beat the disease and lost an ovary in the process but later, she was surprised to learn she was pregnant with twins.

Doctors told Snider, however, there was bad news to her pregnancy. Her cancer returned and it was a rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer this time, as per Fox News.

Prepared to battle the disease, Snider received chemotherapy and radiation treatment at Stanford Medical Center during her pregnancy. She went into remission again, according to Daily Mail.

Before she was scheduled to give birth via C-section, Snider was optimistic about her future. She even wrote a message on her Facebook profile and told family and friends she's getting a hysterectomy after her C-section.

Unfortunately, after the birth and the hysterectomy operation, Snider's body gave out. Doctors declared her cause of death as congestive heart failure.

Snider, however, was able to see and cradle her newborn twins briefly before her death. She named them Camila and Nico.

"She got to lay with them, hug them, she passed away the next morning," Chris, Snider's brother said, as per ABC 30. "She made sure, she made sure those babies would live. She traded her life." "What gives me peace in my heart is she got to see those babies and hold them and be with them a little bit," Snider's best friend Larina Campanile said.

Snider also had two older daughters, Aubrey and Maddie. Friends and family have set up a Go Fund Me page for the children she left behind. The babies' father, Heath Coigny, will raise the twins in New Jersey.

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