Babies Named Romeo And Juliet Born At Same Hospital 18 Hours Apart Cause A Frenzy

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 23, 04:00 am

There was a frenzy over the birth of two babies at a South Carolina hospital. The same doctor delivered the newborns just 18 hours apart and each of their parents gave them the most endearing names: Romeo and Juliet.

The baby's parents, who did not know each other's families, learned of this Shakespeare link and coincidence from a tip. Cassie Clayshulte, Coastal Carolina Hospital's resident photographer, told the lucky parents when she visited the hospital.

Morgan and Edwin Hernandez welcomed their baby boy, Romeo, on a Sunday afternoon. Christiana and Allan Shifflett had their daughter, Juliet, on Monday or 18 hours after Romeo's birth.

"Both parents had picked the names out early on in their pregnancies, and neither couple knew each other until they met that day," the photographer said, as per CBS News. Clayshulte brought up the idea of having a photoshoot with the Hernandez family when she remembered baby Juliet from the records at the nurse's station. The babies and their parents were a few rooms apart from each other.

Hospital staffers dubbed Romeo and Juliet as "star-crossed babies" based on the famous literary star-crossed lovers. Their parents joked about having an arranged marriage for their children and Clayshulte even volunteered her services as the wedding photographer.

Romeo's name was, in fact, after Romeo Santos, his parents' favorite singer and not from the Shakespeare character. Juliet's name was based on a TV show character. "We wanted a J name to go with our son's name, Jonas," Juliet's mom said, as per ABC News. "We picked Juliet because we were watching the TV show 'Psych' and the character's name is Jules."

Meanwhile, the Hernandezes and the Shiffletts agreed they will get together after a year and have a first birthday photoshoot with Clayshulte. They already have an idea for the theme and it will be Shakespeare-inspired.

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