Is Baby Getting Enough Milk? How To Tell If Breastfeeding Is Working, According To Experts

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 09, 04:00 am

Breastfeeding is a process, thus getting enough milk for the baby takes time and patience. This process can be overwhelming and worrisome, though, especially for new mothers who cannot easily tell if breastfeeding is working for their baby.

Dr. Philippe S. Friedlich of the Children's Hospital Los Angeles shared some indicators on how to tell if the baby is getting enough breastmilk. Some simple gauges included monitoring the baby's weight and also monitoring the frequency of diaper changes.

"If [parents] see in the last 12 hours to a day that the diapers are dry, that's an indication that something may be going on," Friedlich said, via People. He also said if babies cry often, then it could also be a warning sign they aren't getting enough milk.

Hungry babies fuss about and manifest dissatisfaction even after feeding time. This could also be an indication they are not able to suck enough milk properly.

Parents also need to watch out for when the baby sleeps most of the time. "Some babies never cry and are very sleepy, listless or lethargic from the start because they are already depleted of calories at birth," Jody Segrave-Daly also told People. "Eventually, starved babies enter a deep sleep to conserve energy."

The use of a breast pump will also help gauge a mom's capacity for producing milk. If she can pump enough to put in a bottle, then she's on the right track. If her supply is low, however, then a mom might have to consider formula feeding, according to Good To Know.

Insufficient breastfeeding has been in the news lately after mom Jillian Johnson's story went viral on the internet. Johnson's newborn died after three weeks because the baby starved from lack of milk. She said she was prompted to exclusively breastfeed and would've turned to bottle-feeding had she known the baby was in danger, as reported by Parent Herald.

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