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35 Things New Moms Should Know About Breastfeeding

Parent Buzz  11 April '18

35 Things New Moms Should Know About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful thing, but it can also be a very foreign experience to first-time mothers. These 35 must-know trivia that can help new moms discover more about breastfeeding and what the experience entails.

Breastfeeding In Church

Parenting  29 April '17

Breastfeeding In Church: Mom Escorted Outside For Nursing While Not Covering Breast During The Service

Annie Peguero nursed her 19-month-old baby as she listened to the church service but a woman chastised and escorted her out.

President Almazbek Atambayev's Daughter Criticized For Breastfeeding Photos

Moms  25 April '17

President's Daughter Boldly Shares Breastfeeding Photos Online And Ignites A National Debate

Aliya Shagieva, the youngest daughter of President Almazbek Atambayev of Kyrgyzstan, shared her breastfeeding photos online and conservatives labeled her immoral.

Lena Dunham On 'Girls'

Moms  19 April '17

Lena Dunham On 'Girls': Series Finale Ends With A Realistic Take On New Moms

Lena Dunham's Hannah on "Girls" came full circle as it highlighted her breastfeeding struggles, postpartum anxieties and maturity.

Breastfeeding And Smarter Babies

Feeding  28 March '17

Breastfeeding Benefits Has No IQ Boost; Experts Say Breastfed Kids Less Hyper, Not Smarter

There are other factors that make babies smarter and experts saw no direct causal links that breastfeeding is one of the reasons.

Breast Not Always Best

Feeding  16 March '17

Breast Is Not Always Best? Why This Mom Says She Regrets Breastfeeding

Maddi Carter breastfed her daughter for almost four months. Only when she stopped did she feel better about the whole experience.

Breastfeeding Tattoo

Feeding  15 March '17

Moms Are Getting Breastfeeding Tattoos To Celebrate Nursing Their Babies - Is This Safe?

Commemorating breastfeeding with a permanent symbol is a positive thing for mothers, according to an expert but some precautions have to be observed before getting inked.

Breastmilk Supply

Feeding  9 March '17

Is Baby Getting Enough Milk? How To Tell If Breastfeeding Is Working, According To Experts

Experts share some indicators for moms to know if their newborn is taking in milk or not.

Lesbian Couple Take Turns Feeding Baby

Feeding  4 March '17

Breastfeeding Without Giving Birth: Lesbian Couple Take Turns To Breastfeed Baby Girl But Only One Got Pregnant

Both moms are lactating. So what did the other mom, who did not get pregnant, do to produce milk?

Cluster Feeding

Infant  1 March '17

Newborn Starves To Death After Mom Exclusively Tries Breastfeeding; She Tells All About Cluster Feeding

Jillian Johnson learned from parenting classes and books, as well as hospital staffers, that breast is always best. No one encouraged her to go with a feeding via bottle.


Feeding  28 February '17

Stopping Breastfeeding? Here's How Moms Can Wean Baby Off With Ease

There are many reasons why moms consider stopping breastfeeding and there should be no pressure for moms make this choice.

Israeli Mothers Attend Breast Feeding Classes After Powdered Milk Scare

Feeding  14 February '17

Mom Sues New Jersey Hospital For Baby Swapping Mistake; She Breastfeeds A Different Baby For 20 Minutes

Melissa Richman and her husband David want The Valley Hospital to be liable for this horrible experience.

Orange County mom angry after daycare worker breastfeeds her son

Feeding  9 February '17

Mom Wants Police To Jail Daycare Worker Who Breastfeeds Her Son Without Permission

Kaycee Oxendine told the staff suggesting breastfeeding she won't have it, twice.

Church And State Separation Examined

Feeding  8 February '17

Mothers Who Breastfeed Should Receive Cash? Study Reveals Incentive Might Encourage Moms To Maintain Breastfeeding

Researchers conducted an experiment by giving breastfeeding moms money if they were able to keep at it for six months.

The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet

News  6 February '17

'Hacksaw Ridge' Actress Teresa Palmer Loves Messy Parenting, Postpartum Challenges

The Aussie Hollywood star is mom to 3 kids, Bodhi, 2, and Forest, 7 weeks, and stepson Isaac, 8.

Be Informed: Expert Warn Parents About The 'Naturalness' Of Breastfeeding And The Possible Health Risks It Can Bring

Nutrition  12 January '17

Be Informed: Experts Warn Parents About 'Naturalness' Of Breastfeeding And Possible Health Risks It Can Bring

The naturalness of breastfeeding is said to influence a series of health risks that can place the child at risk.

Lewis Road Creamery's New 'Breast Milk' Comes Under Scrutiny With Breastfeeding Advocates

Feeding  12 January '17

Breastfeeding Benefits Lack Vitamin D, Most Breastfed Babies Still Need Supplement Drops

The best baby food isn't perfect and experts explain why moms still need to augment this.

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audience

Feeding  11 January '17

Pope Francis To Breastfeeding Moms: 'Go Ahead And Breastfeed' Inside The Church

The pontiff has always been supportive of this public and most natural act between a mother and her baby.

Candice Swanepoel

News  22 December '16

Victoria’s Secret Model Candice Swanepoel Takes A Stand For Breastfeeding, Slams Critics In Intimate Instagram Post

Victoria’s secret model Candice Swanepoel talked about breastfeeding on her latest Instagram post.

How to make breastfeeding tree of life pic

Feeding  19 December '16

Breastfeeding Tree Of Life: How To Create Stunning Images That's A Hit Among Moms Online [PHOTOS]

See why moms who breastfeed are going crazy over this phone app!

Israeli Mothers Attend Breast Feeding Classes After Powdered Milk Scare

Feeding  15 December '16

Breastfeeding Benefits: Study Finds Links That Breastfeeding Protects Babies From Asthma Development

This isn't the first study to find the connection and the recommendation is at least six months of breastfeeding can facilitate better health and immunities.

Mothers not breastfeeding their babies long enough

Feeding  10 December '16

Why Mothers Are Not Breastfeeding Long Enough

Many mothers have heeded calls for breastfeeding but recent survey shows they are not doing this long enough.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Infant  7 December '16

Lactation Experts Answer Real-Time Breastfeeding Questions On Breast Implants And Dental Work

Find expert answers to real-life breastfeeding queries on breast implants, dental work and a lot more in here. All answers are fresh from the mouth and brain of lactation experts.

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