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Mila Kunis

Health/Nutrition  15 April '15

Jennifer Aniston & Mila Kunis Share Parenting Tips on Breastfeeding & Babies

Take it from the celeb parents! They got the tips about parenting in terms of breastfeeding and children rearing. In particular, Jennifer Aniston and new mom, Mila Kunis are the ones to turn to for that helpful advice catered to new parents.

Blake Lively

Parenting  14 April '15

Breastfeeding Tips: Ryan Reynolds' Wife, Blake Lively, Rubs Truffles on Breast for Baby James

Blake Lively has clever breastfeeding tips for moms out there! The wife of Ryan Reynolds revealed that she's been rubbing truffles on her breast to better breastfeed newborn daughter, James.

Bottles of Pumped Breast Milk

Health/Nutrition  7 April '15

Breast Milk For Sale Online May be Mixed With Cow's Milk, Study Reveals

You may want to think twice before you buy breast milk for your newborn online. A Yahoo! Parenting article revealed that "The Pediatrics" reported on Monday about a study on the likelihood of the inclusion of cow's milk in breast milk sold online.

Kourtney Kardashian pumps out milk for breastfeeding using a hands-free bra.

Parenting  24 March '15

‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Kourtney's Breastfeeding Tips: Use Hands-Free Bra to Pump Milk

The eldest Kardashian sister has some breastfeeding tips for mothers out there. As everybody knows, Kourtney Kardashian just gave birth to her third child, Reign Aston, three months ago.

Breastfed children so smart because of two parenting skills: study

Parenting  3 March '14

Breastfed children smarter due to accompanying parenting skills

Two parenting skills - responding to a child's emotional cues and reading to them by 9 months of age - is what actually makes breastfed children smarter, a new study says.

Try out different breastfeeding positions

Infant  26 December '13

Longer breastfeeding tied to better development

Children who were breastfed for more than six months scored the highest on cognitive, language and motor development tests as toddlers, in a new study from Greece.


Parenting  22 November '13

Top 5 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

"Breast is Best" is how the saying goes and if you are planning on breastfeeding your newborn, here are some surefire tips to get you started and how to ensure success for both you and your baby.


Health/Nutrition  21 October '13

Breastfeeding Mom Charged $500 Fine for Taking Baby to Jury Duty

When jury duty strikes, it's hard to get out of it. One breastfeeding mom decided to do fulfill her jury duty as well as her duties as a mom and brought her baby boy with her. The mom has since been charged with contempt of court for bringing her son to court.

Chinese bus

Parenting  16 August '13

Chinese Mothers Can Privately Breastfeed in 'Lactation Rooms' on Buses [PHOTO]

Chinese mothers using public transport can now privately breastfeed in what is being called "lactation rooms," as the country promotes breastfeeding.


Parenting  5 August '13

Breastfeeding Perk: Study Says it Lowers Alzheimer's Disease Risk

Breastfeeding has been linked to a range of benefits for both baby and mother - from improving child's intelligence, helping prevent ADHD to protecting moms from developing high blood pressure later on in life - and now a new study says mothers have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.


Health/Nutrition  1 August '13

Breastfeeding Can Save 200,000 Infants a Year, WHO Reports During World Breastfeeding Week

World Breastfeeding Week is underway from August 1-7 and the World Health Organization is commemorating the event by reporting further good news to encourage more moms to breastfeed. The latest report notes that exclusive breast-feeding until six months of age could prevent the deaths of more than 200,000 infants each year.

breast feeding

Health/Nutrition  31 July '13

Breastfeeding Rates Up, 3 in 4 Babies Get the Best from Moms, CDC Says

New mothers are more open and willing to breast feed their newborns than ever before, and are doing it for longer, says a new report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday, ahead of breast feeding week from August 1 - 7.

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