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Video Feedback Program For Autism

Issues  13 April '17

Can Parents Reduce Autism Risks In Babies? Study Reveals How In 'Video Feedback' Program

A video feedback program may aid parents in the way they interact with babies who could have autism risks.

Baby Boxes And Sleep Safety Practices

Children  12 April '17

Baby Box Sleep Safety: Cincinnati Doctors Not Convinced Cardboard Boxes Reduce SIDS - Here's Why!

Finland pioneered baby boxes decades ago and now more states in America are embracing the practice but Cincinnati doctors want more scientific proof that it's effective.

Children Suffer Even Before A Divorce

Parenting  12 April '17

Parents' Fights Before Divorce More Harmful To Children Than After Divorce, Expert Says

Gloria Moroni of the University of York said children of divorce who witnessed their parents' fights before the marriage ended had more behavioral issues.

Nancy Kerrigan Had Multiple Miscarriages

Moms  12 April '17

Nancy Kerrigan Recounts Her 6 Miscarriages On 'DWTS': 'It Made Me Feel Like A Failure'

Nancy Kerrigan shot to fame in the 1990s as a figure skater. She revealed her struggles with miscarriages on "Dancing with the Stars," where she's one of this season's contestants.

Blue Pinwheels For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Issues  12 April '17

Why Are So Many Blue Pinwheels Planted On The Ground In April? This Is What It Means

If you support this cause, go ahead and plant blue pinwheels in your own garden as well.

Teens Love Chick-Fil-A

Children  12 April '17

What Do Teenagers Like? New Survey Reveals Where Their Allowances Go

Piper Jaffray's new survey on teen spending habits shows what the younger generation love spending on.

Melania Trump As A Mom To Barron

Moms  12 April '17

Melania Trump And Motherhood: The First Lady's Parenting Style Explored; How She's Raising Barron Trump

Melania Trump, 46, regards herself as a hands-on mother to Barron, 11. Learn the First Lady's parenting style in this report.

Poop-Themed Birthday Party

Children  12 April '17

Toddler Asks For A Poop-Themed Birthday Party And Her Parents Give Her One

Audrey, 3, wanted poop cakes and poop balloons and her mom Rebecca prepared a most fun poop-themed birthday party.

Murder Suicide Shooting At Elementary School In San Bernardino Kills Three And Injures One

Issues  11 April '17

San Bernardino School Shooting: 8-Year-Old Special Needs Kid Among Dead; Adult Children Of Slain Teacher Heartbroken

Jonathan Martinez, 8, was collateral damage to the San Bernardino school shooting where teacher Karen Elaine Smith was the main target.

Couple Trying To Get Pregnant

Moms  11 April '17

Trying To Get Pregnant? Fertility Expert Recommends Making These Unconventional Lifestyle Changes To Aid In Conception

Fertility expert Angela Le shares these easy-to-follow tips for couples who want to have a baby.

School Takes PS4, XBox

Parenting  11 April '17

School Confiscates PS4, Xbox In Students' Homes To Improve Their Grades And Behavior

King Solomon Academy headmaster Max Haimendorf said they have the consent of parents to confiscate the students' PS4, Xbox, and mobile phones.

Dads Raising Daughters

Dads  11 April '17

Dads And Daughters: How Raising A Girl Is More Challenging For Fathers Today

Psychologist Steve Biddulph highlights the dad and daughter dynamics in today's world in his new book "10 Things Girls Need Most."

Ford Invents Max Motor Dreams Smart Crib

Parenting  11 April '17

Ford Invents 'Smart Crib' To Mimic Car Rides So Babies Can Sleep Better [VIDEO]

American carmaker Ford unveiled its new innovation called the Max Motor Dreams. It's a smart crib to help babies sleep better.

Girl Sues India Government Over Climate Change

Children  11 April '17

Climate Change Crisis: 9-Year-Old Sues Government For Failure To Implement Environmental Laws

Ridhima Pandey, 9, filed her lawsuit with the National Green Tribunal upon a lawyer's advise and with the support of her parents who are environmentalists.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Are Co-Parents

Parenting  11 April '17

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Make Co-Parenting Work; Ex-Couple Spotted Sharing Parenting Duties [VIDEO]

It's been nearly two years since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation but they still keep a close relationship as co-parents.

Idaho Advanced Opportunities Program

Parenting  11 April '17

Idaho HS Students Get $1,500 For Graduating Early In Advanced Opportunities Program

Observers describe Idaho's Advanced Opportunities Program as unique as no other state has this online system and no state rewards students for graduating early.

Relationship Sabbatical Helps Marriages

Issues  11 April '17

On A Break: Here's Why Taking A 'Relationship Sabbatical' Is Good For Couples

Taking a break from the marriage could actually revive and save a relationship. Some experts recommend couples have a relationship sabbatical.

Scarlett Johansson Working Single Mom

Moms  10 April '17

How 'Ghost In The Shell' Star Scarlett Johansson Balances Life As A Working Single Mother

Scarlett Johansson's 2-year-old daughter Rose is used to being on the set where her mom works but this is becoming a problem for ex-husband Romain Dauriac.

Pets Fight Risk Of Allergies, Obesity In Children

Parenting  10 April '17

Study Ties Pet Dogs Or Cats To Reduced Risk Of Child Allergies, Obesity

Experts found significant links between dogs, cats and a baby's gut bacteria development.

Reverse Menopause Helped A Woman Get Pregnant

Moms  10 April '17

Is Reverse Menopause Possible? Woman Carries Twins After An Experimental Treatment

A fertility center in Greece started an experimental treatment to reverse menopause in 2016 and one woman in her '40s apparently successfully conceived.

Abolish Department Of Education

Issues  10 April '17

Utah Lawmakers Sign Joint Resolution To Abolish Department Of Education

Before Utah, representatives from Kentucky and North Carolina also passed similar measures to shut down the Education Department.

Parents 3 Pairs Of Twin Babies, Same Birthdays

Children  10 April '17

Good Things Come In Three? Parents Have 3 Pairs Of Twins Who Share Same Birthday

For couple Carrie Kosinski and Craig Kosinski, the more the merrier and having three pairs of twins with the same birthday would be easier to remember celebrating.

Cyberbullying And Boys' Bad Behavior

Parenting  10 April '17

How To Prevent Cyberbullying? Experts Blame 'Negligent Parenting' On Bad Online Behavior In Boys; Here's A Solution!

Psychologists see cyberbullying and negligent parenting as becoming a pandemic and to counter these trends, schools have a bigger role of teaching boys how to behave online.

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