Rare Condition Affecting 5-Year-Old Girl Like Albert Einstein: Her Hair Can't Be Tamed [PHOTO]

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 03, 04:00 am

A 5-year-old girl affected with a rare condition is like the genius Albert Einstein. Lyla-Grace Barlow has hair that cannot be tamed and experts said her case is only one of 100 cases worldwide.

Her parents, Alex and Mark Barlow, tried using different hair products on Lyla but her locks still stood up in all directions. Experts said she has Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS) as a result of a mutation of three genes -- PADI3, TGM3 and TCHH.

Normal hair follicles are round-shaped but the follicles on people with UHS are triangular, kidney-shaped or heart-shaped. As a result, the person's hair grows out slowly, discolored as a silver-blonde, dry like straw and disheveled, as per the Genetic Rare Disease Information Center.

"Every strand of her hair is like spun glass," Lyla's mom said, as per Daily Mirror. "When we go swimming it goes like how Barbie doll's hair does - it goes all wiry and coarse."

The mom said she noticed Lyla's hair growing upwards but she thought this was usual for baby hair. When Lyla grew up, grooming became a challenge as brushing her hair caused pain.

Experts from Germany analyzed Lyla's hair and confirmed the gene mutation. "We've been told it's the same condition that Albert Einstein had," Alex said, adding they didn't need to let Lyla wear a wig for Halloween one time when she went dressed as the science genius.

The Barlow's two other girls have straight brown hair just like their parents. They said, however, they wouldn't change a thing about Lyla's hair because it made their daughter rare and more beautiful. Her hair reflected her personality as a fun, crazy and happy 5-year-old.

Doctors said there is no treatment for UHS. People with the rare genetic condition generally manage using hair products rich in biotin but the results are subjective. In some cases, the condition resolves itself once the person hits puberty.

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