Sibling Jealousy? Meghan Markle's Sister Plans Tell-All Book Following Her Attacks On Prince Harry's Girlfriend

Meghan Markle's sister announced her plans to release a tell-all book detailing her life with Prince Harry's girlfriend. Samantha Grant's news came after she relentlessly attacked and criticized her estranged younger half-sister ever since Markle ended up with a royal.

The former actress-model said the book, which has a working title of "The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister," will be about a biracial family, as per Daily Mirror. Grant described the book's story as "candid, warm, personal" and socially relevant.

Grant, however, said her sister might not like some of the revelations in her book. She said, "Maybe when [Meghan] is more mature and reads the book she'll understand."

Grant, 52 and Markle, 35 share the same father, Tom Markle. Grant is a product of her dad's first marriage to Roslyn, while Markle is from his second marriage.

The older sibling lives in Florida while estranged from her own mother. In fact, Roslyn accused her daughter of cashing in on her half-sister's royal romance, as per Daily Star.

When news broke out Markle started seeing Prince Harry in October last year, Grant told the public her sister stopped helping out family a long time ago. In 2008, Grant learned she had multiple sclerosis and she claimed her sister did not help her out. She accused Markle, who's an actress in a popular TV series "Suits" and a humanitarian, of being a social climber.

Grant implied her sister's service for others was only a front. She also said her book will detail things the Queen's grandson will be appalled to learn, according to Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, Markle hasn't answered any of her sister's public accusations. As Grant's followers on Twitter accused the older sister of sibling jealousy, someone who knew Markle in middle school attested to her character.

"She was like the den mom, always looking out for people," Charisse Tran told People. "She was definitely really popular, but never gave off a mean-girl vibe at all," she said.

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