More Dads Trading Careers To Stay At Home With Kids Don't Regret Role Swap With Moms

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 04, 04:00 am

Dads are increasingly becoming more hands-on and involved in their children's' lives. Those who trade careers to stay at home with the kids mostly do not regret swapping roles with moms as well.

Professor Janeen Baxter from the University of Queensland in Australia said many fathers are now stepping into the role as main carers for the kids to give way to mothers who want to pursue a career after giving birth. In fact, The New Daily reported that the society has also become more accepting of this new reality for families, so the change is no longer seen as unusual.

Dad Tully Johns said the decision to stay at home so his wife can handle her business didn't look financially sound in the beginning. But as time went by, his dad friends feel envious of his situation as he gets to spend more time with his kids growing up.

Experiencing the children grow up was also why Reece Anderson chose to be a stay-at-home dad. He said being able to earn has its benefits especially when there's mortgage to pay but some things are more important.

"Your kids aren't going to remember how much money and stuff you have," Anderson said. "They remember what time you spent with them."

Couple Michael and Katrina Phelan said they made the best choice in letting Michael stay at home with the kids. He's pursuing an online degree, thus he's home more than Katrina who started a teaching job.

"More families are making the decision not solely based on economic factors but who is best suited, skilled and available," Professor Aaron Rochlen of the University of Texas said, as per Momaha. Rochlen studied this trend among fathers and acknowledged the shift in parenting roles.

People traditionally view men as having a tough time with being a hands-on parent but dads like Johns, Anderson and Phelan are changing perceptions. "My mindset is that it's so natural," Phelan said. "It was easy for me to step into that role."

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