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Student's grade goes down for using 'mankind'

School  3 April '17

Student Slams Feminist Professor Who Deducted Essay Points For Use Of Non-Gender Neutral Word

Cailin Jeffers wrote "mankind" on her essay and her professor Dr. Anne Scott deducted a point because she used a "sexist" word.

Albert Einstein's Uncombable Hair Syndrome

School Age  3 April '17

Rare Condition Affecting 5-Year-Old Girl Like Albert Einstein: Her Hair Can't Be Tamed [PHOTO]

Experts analyzed Lyla-Grace Barlow's hair and confirmed she has Uncombable Hair Syndrome (UHS), a gene disorder.

Zoe Saldana And Husband Marco Perego Have 3 Kids

News  2 April '17

Zoe Saldana Encourages 'Alternative Ways' To Expand Family, But Won't Discuss Surprise 3rd Baby's Birth Yet

Zoe Saldana welcomed baby Zen in February and shocked everyone about her announcement because she wasn't pregnant.

Forcing Kids To Eat Breakfast Is Child Abuse

Health/Nutrition  2 April '17

Why This Expert Says Forcing Breakfast On Children Is Child Abuse

Professor Terence Kealey challenges long-standing studies saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Campus Carry Gun Bill Passed In Georgia

Family Life  2 April '17

Georgia Puts Guns Back In Campuses, Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Concealed Handguns In Colleges

Georgia's campus carry gun bill, HB 280, awaits Gov. Nathan Deal's signature. He disapproved a similar bill last year.

California Parents Give New Sex Education Curriculum A Thumbs Down

School  1 April '17

Parents Thumb Down 'Extremely Provocative' Sex Education Curriculum In A California School District

Parents opposed the material's content, which included vaginal, oral and anal sex. It also touched on homosexual and same-sex relationships.

Legoland Florida Makes Its Site Autism-Friendly

Autism  1 April '17

Autism Awareness Month: Legoland In Florida Introduces Autism-Friendly Amenities

Legoland's launch of its improved autism-friendly park coincides with Autism Awareness Month this April.

Parents Sue Georgia For Denying Baby Name

Family Life  1 April '17

Parents Sue Georgia State For Denying Right To Name Their Daughter 'Allah'

The child's parents wanted the name ZalyKha Graceful Lorraina Allah for their daughter but the state of Georgia denied the last name. She still doesn't have a birth certificate at almost two years old.

'Colossal' New York Premiere

News  31 March '17

Anne Hathaway Says Pregnancy Helped Her Improve As An Actress In 'Colossal'

Critics observed Anne Hathaway exuded a different aura in "Colossal" and she said it's because she made the movie while pregnant with her first baby.

Willl Smith Shares Parenting Style

Dads  31 March '17

Will Smith's Parenting Style: How 'The Fresh Prince' Shaped His 3 Kids Into Unique Individuals

Will Smith has two children with Jaden Pinkett Smith, Jaden, 18 and Willow, 16. His eldest, Trey, 24, is his child with ex-wife Sheree Zampino.

Italy's Paid Menstrual Leave

Health/Nutrition  31 March '17

Italy Menstrual Leave: Parliament Considering 3 Days Paid Period Leave For Women Monthly

The proposed menstrual leave policy, however, might not be the best idea, according to those who oppose the plan.

North Dakota Shared Parenting Bill

Family Life  31 March '17

North Dakota Senate Passes Shared Parenting Bill; Who Benefits The Most?

Rep. Tom Kading authored HB 1392, which is also known as North Dakota's amended shared parenting bill.

Florida School Releases Sexist Prom Dress Reminder

School  31 March '17

Florida High School Under Fire For Sexist Prom Dress Reminder, School Apologizes To Students

Stanton College Prep released photos telling students which prom dress styles were appropriate but many complained.

Dad Foils Daughter's Mass Shooting Plot

Teens/Young Adults  31 March '17

Dad Turns In Teen Daughter Plotting Mass Shooting To Police; What Warning Signs Did The Parents See?

Nichole Cevario's diary indicated she had deep emotional issues and her parents were right to surrender her to the police.

Robot Nannies Are Coming

Family Life  31 March '17

Robot Nannies: How An Artificial Intelligent Nanny Could Soon Babysit America's Children

Will parents embrace the idea of companion artificial intelligent machines or robot nannies though?

Kids Pretend Play With Toy Gun

School Age  31 March '17

Mom Furious As School Suspends 5-Year-Old Daughter For Pretending To Use Stick As Gun While Playing

Brandy Miller expected an apology from her daughter's school as 5-year-old Caitlin Miller was only playing and pretending to be a palace guard with a "gun."

Mila Kunis Is A Lucky But Tired Mom

News  30 March '17

Mila Kunis Feels Lucky Her Kids Love Each Other, Talks About Being A Tired Mom

Mila Kunis and husband Ashton Kutcher have two kids, Wyatt, 2-years-old and Dimitri, three months.

George Clooney Ready For Fatherhood

Dads  30 March '17

George Clooney Prepares For Fatherhood, Amal Clooney Shots Down Baby Names He Picked

George Clooney and his wife Amal will welcome twin babies this summer. The couple are first-time parents.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen Holds News Conference

School  30 March '17

Fed Chair Janet Yellen: Public Education And Skill Development Raise Job Prospects, Lower Unemployment

Federal Reserve's head Janet Yellen challenged economic leaders to provide opportunities and support programs from the education sector.

Measles Outbreak In Europe Due To Immunization Drop

Health/Nutrition  30 March '17

Measles Outbreak In Europe Worries World Health Organization As All Countries Are At Risk

Just this January, more than 500 cases of measles were reported in Europe and less than half of these were from Italy.

Parenting Marriage As An Alternative To Divorce

Family Life  30 March '17

What Is A Parenting Marriage And Why Is It Better Than Divorce?

Some partners are already enjoying a conflict-free parenting marriage but what does this relationship entail? Read on.

Single Mom Dressed As 'Dad'

Family Life  30 March '17

Single Mom Dresses As A Dad For Father-Daughter Dance, School Turns Her Away

Amy Peterson stood as both mom and dad for daughter Gracie for the last six years. The school would not recognize she's the girl's father figure.

Biological Dads Impact More Lasting Than Stepdads

Dads  30 March '17

Biological Father Vs. Stepfather: Children Of Single Moms Grow Up More Well-Adjusted When Birth Dad Is Present, Study Says

The study experts also learned a stepfather's impact on a child bore little significance compared to the birth dad.

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