Artificial Intelligence In Education: How Is This Changing Classrooms And Learning?

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 21, 04:00 am

The one thing that sets humans apart from other species is knowledge and education. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), however, acquiring, processing and spreading knowledge and information through education technology (ed tech) has never been more exciting and accelerated in the digital age.

Indeed, AI is changing classrooms and learning for the better. What has artificial intelligence contributed to education thus far?

The biggest contribution from AI is in filling the gaps of education, according to Tech Talks. The emergence of different education platforms with AI engines, such as Coursera, Brainly and Third Space Learning, has given students and teachers more options in their educational pursuits as they are no longer confined and limited to a traditional classroom setup.

Because of AI, global classrooms are emerging, enabling students and teachers to brainstorm, collaborate and exchange ideas with people around the world, as per Huffington Post. Because of AI, there is flexibility of time and learning has become a 24/7 process.

With AI and ed tech, teachers and students are also able to customize education using special AI algorithms and data specific to its users. A service like Content Technologies, Inc (CTI), for instance, encourages teachers to upload their syllabus and lessons plans for an AI will study.

Once done, teachers can then create learning materials as the AI recommended. Such a scenario then offers an enhanced learning environment, much to the benefit of the students.

AI doesn't completely replace in-class teaching but it serves to enhance the process. Thus, schools investing in ed tech are pouring their money on something worthwhile. A paper on AI in Education called Intelligence Unleashed has even qualified artificial intelligence serves as a lifelong learning companions. Even if the students are no longer in school per se, they can still study, or enlist in education programs, or use software to compound on their interests.

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