Students Looking At Higher Education Alternatives; Where Are The Best Colleges Apart From US And UK?

Since Brexit and the assumption of President Donald Trump into office, students have been looking at alternatives for higher learning or higher education. With the changing and uncertain political climate in the United States and the United Kingdom, which other best colleges can students and their parents consider if they want to study abroad?

Madhura Srinivasan, a 22-year-old Economics student, said she panicked in the beginning but she found an opportunity in Netherlands at the Utrecht University. Srinivasan told Hindustan Times that studying in a Netherland school was far more affordable than U.S. or U.K. and she still attended a top-ranking university in the worldwide ranking.

German universities are also drawing interests from students even as U.S. and U.K. schools remain popular choices. In fact, the German Academic Exchange Service saw a 33 percent increase in student applications since, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Also fast becoming alternative higher education choices are countries like Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea. For Indian students with an inclination for science, math and technology, Ireland is also becoming a popular alternative choice, especially when the atmosphere in the U.S. for STEM students is shifting under Trump.

"There are many attractive job opportunities in Ireland," economist Rory Power said, as per Economic Times. "The Irish government is of the view that many bright Indian students will now find a compelling option to gain post study work experience and join the diverse workforce in Ireland in sectors such as software, biopharma, engineering, ICT and finance."

Educator RSS Mani advised students looking into alternatives not to put more focus on the school's location so as not to restrict their opportunities. He said students must also consider the school's credibility, courses and "whether the political situation in the country is stable and whether they will adjust well culturally."

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