How Artificial Intelligence Affects US Education System

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald March 14, 08:57 am

Schools traditionally adopted a teaching approach that applies to all students. Because of this, teachers found it difficult to deal with the individual educational needs of students who attended the classes. Artificial Intelligence sought to address problems related to teaching gaps.

Third Space Learning, a platform for online math tutorials that was introduced five years ago, explored this concept. The platform launched an Artificial Intelligence project aimed to provide real-time feedback that allowed tutors to provide better teaching skills.

The platform detected the reactions of students to a concept and showed patterns if they misunderstood the concept, according to The Next Web. Such platform gave teachers an early warning if there are misunderstood concepts, so problems are prevented early on.

"If we can aim to shape the performance of the teacher - the teacher being the significant input into a child's learning - then you're creating something truly powerful," Third Space founder Tom Hooper said.

Artificial Intelligence is a concept often interchanged with Machine Learning, as per Forbes. The two concepts are used on issues like technological change and analytics but these are not the same. Artificial Intelligence is a much broader concept whereby machines are able to smartly carry out tasks. Machine Learning, however, is just a practical application of Artificial Intelligence.

The modern world has found many practical applications of Artificial Intelligence. Google built a computer system that possessed Artificial Intelligence and it has beaten South Korea's Lee Sedol, an intelligent human being, in the strategy game called Go, according to NPR.

The game, which originated 2,500 years ago somewhere in Asia, was considered several times more complex than the game of chess. According to Geoff Brumfiel of NPR, Artificial Intelligence Alpha Go learned the game without any help from humans.

Artificial intelligence as provided by computer systems, have provided one-on-one tutorials. These computers also facilitated group discussions and stimulated complex learning environments.

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