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Women Should Be Discouraged From Drinking Alcohol When They First Discover The Pregnancy

Pregnancy  15 March '17

New Study Shows Moms Stop Drinking Once They Get Pregnant

A study among 5,000 showed that majority stopped drinking alcohol when they discovered they were pregnant.

Children Of Immigrants In The United States Made It To The Top OF Science Competition

School  14 March '17

How Children Of Immigrant Parents Made It As Top Science Students in America

America's future engineers and scientists could be children of immigrant parents.

Westfield Hosts Interactive Artificial Intelligence Storytelling For Kids At Pop-Up Indoor Park

School  14 March '17

How Artificial Intelligence Affects US Education System

Artificial intelligence has proven its benefits the country's educational system.

Insufficient Weight Gain During Pregnancy Can Lead To Schizophrenia Among Children

Pregnancy  13 March '17

How Dieting During Pregnancy Can Increase The Risk Of Having Babies Who Develop Schizophrenia

Pregnant women are advised to eat healthy and gain the medically-prescribed weight if they want their children to be healthy.

Effects Of United States President Donald Trump's Immigration Policy On Families

Family Life  13 March '17

What Are The Effects Of US President Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies On Families?

Immigration lawyers working with illegal immigrant parents have recommended the power of attorney to ensure their children are not taken in by the state.

Managing Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy  12 March '17

Research Reveals Health Risks Of Being Pregnant And Overweight

Research shows a link between obese pregnant mothers and the weight of their children later in life.

Women Told To Watch Weight During Pregnancy To Avoid Giving Birth To Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Pregnancy  10 March '17

How Obesity During Pregnancy Can Lead To Cerebral Palsy Among Kids

Pregnancy and obesity can be a risk factor for many illnesses includng cerebral palsy so pregnant women should always watch their weight gain during this period.

Junk Food A Convenient Option For Busy Parents

Health/Nutrition  10 March '17

Healthy Parenting: Raising Kids In The Junk Food Age

It is difficult to raise healthy children when both parents are busy working and can only serve junk food for their kids.

Children's Ears Should Be Protected As They Are Vulnerable To Hearing Loss

Toddler  9 March '17

Kids Health: Protecting A Child’s Hearing From Very Loud Noises

Hearing loss resulting from frequent exposure to high decibels or loud noise is irreversible.

Trump Administration Releases New Version Of Immigration Ban

School  8 March '17

American Teen Fails To Get College Aid Due To Immigrant Mom

An American teenager filed a lawsuit after she was denied financial assistance for College because of the immigrant status of her mother.

Schools Under The CPS System Could Face Early End Of Schoolyear Due To Funding Shortage

School  8 March '17

Chance The Rapper Gives Chicago’s Public Schools $1 Million After Government Cuts School Funding

Chance the Rapper donates $1 million to the CPS to make up for the $215 budget shortage.

Planned Parenthood Vow To Continue Providing Reproductive Health Services For Women

Pregnancy  7 March '17

Planned Parenthood Funding Stays But Only If It Keeps Abortion Out

President Donald Trump had a change of heart about defunding Planned Parenthood but only if it discontinues providing abortion services.

Video Game Addiction Can Ruin Lives

Teens/Young Adults  7 March '17

Computer Addiction: How Video Games Almost Destroyed A Teen’s Life

Cam Adair used to play video games at their basement for 16 hours straight, but he has since recovered from his addiction.

Dangers Of Exposure To Pesticides During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  7 March '17

Kids Born To Mothers Exposed To Pesticides Face Serious Health Problems

Exposure to pesticides during pregnancy can lead to fetal abnormalities.

World Book Day Celebration

School  4 March '17

World Book Day 2017: How To Encourage Kids to Real

World Book Day celebration is now on its 20th year. It encourages children to explore the love or books and reading.

Parents Urged To Choose Over The Counter or Prescription Teething Options For Babies

Infant  3 March '17

Child Safety: FDA Warns Parents Over The Dangers Of Homeopathic Teething Products

The FDA has issued a warning against homeopathic teething gels and tablets from Hyland's.

Slumber Party For Children And Stuffed Toys

Toddler  2 March '17

Educating Kids: How Stuffed Toys Encourage Children To Read

Research shows that children are encouraged to read when they believe their stuffed toys read too.

Breast milk bank faces shortage of donations

Feeding  2 March '17

Baby’s Health: Encouraging Donations For Breast Milk Banks

A breast milk bank in Ireland is experiencing a shortage in supply but managers are hoping it is only temporary.

A 4D Ultrasound Scan Shows What Smoking Does To An Unborn Baby During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  1 March '17

Pregnancy Health: Undergoing The Carbon Monoxide Test

Pregnant women will soon undergo a carbon monoxide test to determine if they smoke.

Pediatricians Warn Against Underage Pot Use

Teens/Young Adults  1 March '17

Teen Addiction: Pediatricians Warn Parents On Dangers Of Pot

The legalization of marijuana both for medical and entertainment purposes pose a danger to teens whose brains are still developing.

Octopus For A Preemie

Infant  28 February '17

Comforting Preemies: How Crocheted Octopus Toys Help Premature Babies Survive

Premature babies are getting the comfort and security they need from crocheted octopus toys.

Thousands Of Plastic Toy Frogs Recalled

Toddler  28 February '17

Toy Safety: Moose Toys Recall Frogs Due To Safety Issues

Moose Toys, Ltd. has voluntarily recalled over 400,000 Little Live Pets Lil Frog toys for possible chemical hazards due to battery problems.

CARES - In-flight Air Safety Restraint

Infant  28 February '17

Kid Safety: Why Airlines Should Install Child Restraints For Babies

Parents should not neglect the importance of having a child-restraint system for babies in airplanes.

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