Parenting Woes: How To Prepare Nutritious Food For Kids Despite Busy Schedules

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald February 27, 12:17 pm

Most parents dream of preparing nutritious food for their children every day. This is, however, just a dream for busy parents who have to juggle work and parenting at the same time. More often than not, it is much easier to just get them food that is easily available in the groceries or restaurants.

Parents, who patronize fast foods because it is more practical, have to accept the reality that they might be serving unhealthy processed food to their kids. These food can be genetically modified, full of preservatives and worse of all, full of pesticides.

The guilt of serving less nutritious food to one's kids hound every busy parent, according to Scary Mommy. Parents should not, however, castigate themselves just because they could not be more productive in the kitchen, given the little time and budget they have.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported most parents in the United States are employed and most of them work irregular hours, and even work overtime, according to Nutritional Sciences. This means they have less time to prepare nutritious meals for the family. These parents have resorted to feeding their children with takeout meals that are filled with calories, salt and fat.

All parents want to serve healthy food to their families, as per Moms Advocating Sustainability. That could mean making an effort to eat at home more often, as it provides a healthier option for the family. Preparing nutritious food in one's kitchen need not be stressful and time-consuming if only one knows how to plan.

Parents can prepare two servings of a favorite family recipe and keep the other half frozen to be served some other day. It is also wise to prepare onions, garlic and other ingredients ahead of time. This will allow parents the chance to prepare nutritious food in the kitchen despite a hectic schedule.

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