Mom Blogging: Why Sharing Her Family Life Online Has Become A Passion

By alexa ancheta, Parent Herald February 13, 10:15 pm

Mom blogging has become so popular in the past years that it has attracted a huge audience. Blogging has become almost every woman's outlet for her rants, amusement, sadness or even words of wisdom. Most of these women who have taken the social networking world by storm are mothers.

The mom blogging phenomenon has caught the world by storm. Those who are witty enough have even made generous sponsorships and book deals that could be potentially lucrative.

Passionate blogging moms like Rachaele Hambleton are detailing their lives online and the stuff that gets published are not all pretty stuff, according to Daily Mirror. Hambleton is known as the Part-Time Working Mommy in the online world. Her post Spotted Torquay is shared online so many times it got viral and gave her prominence as a blogger.

Hambleton's viral post talked about how every day, for the past ten years, she would see this beautiful woman with a crazy hair bring her kids to school, as per Telegraph. Seeing the woman with her children inspired her to spend more time with her kids too.

"Every morning I would watch her and be in awe at how organized she was, how she could possibly manage and how happy her babies looked," Hambleton said. "I would then continue the rest of my journey to work with a lump in my throat that someone else was doing all of those things with my babies because I felt I should be at work."

The accessibility of the internet today has made it easier for anyone to make their presence felt online, whether through Facebook, YouTube, or other social networking sites, according to The Daily Universe. Making one's private life open to the public is an option that comes with advantages and disadvantages. People are hesitant to post their life stories online but if their posts could make other's lives better then why not?

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