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8-Year-Old Sneaks Family Van; Drives To McDonald's With Younger Sister For Cheeseburger

Children  14 April '17

8-Year-Old Sneaks Family Van, Drives To McDonald's With Younger Sister For Cheeseburger

The gradeschooler based in Ohio reached McDonald's safely with his four-year-old passenger, and admitted he learned how to drive by watching YouTube videos.

Fake & Adult-Rated Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins Video Sneak In YouTube Kids

Behavior  5 April '17

Fake, Adult-Rated Peppa Pig, Doc McStuffins Video Sneak In YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids may not be a safe haven after all for parents as dark-rated content disguised as cartoons like Peppa Pig were discovered available for kids' viewing.

Fake 'Peppa Pig' Videos On YouTube

Early Learning  28 March '17

Fake 'Peppa Pig' And 'Doc McStuffins' Episodes Tricking Kids On YouTube, Parents Warned Of Disturbing Versions

The fake "Peppa Pig" and "Doc McStuffins" videos on YouTube look so much like the real thing. Preschoolers cannot tell the difference and they're tricked into watching its unsafe content.

Germany Debates Expanding Parental Leave

Dads  15 March '17

Why More Millennial Dads Watch Parenting Videos Than Moms

In a recent multimedia conference, American video-sharing website YouTube revealed that more millennial dads watch parenting videos on its platform than millennial mothers.

Blogging Makes A Celebrity Out Of A Mom

News  13 February '17

Mom Blogging: Why Sharing Her Family Life Online Has Become A Passion

Working mom Rachaele Hambleton found inspiration to become a better mom and wrote about it in her blog, inspiring others in the process.

Women's  March

Teens/Young Adults  23 January '17

LGBTQ Teens Won't Stop Fighting For Their Rights As Donald Trumps Calls Women's March As 'Hallmark Of Democracy

Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States and he said the Washington Women's March was the hallmark of democracy while teenagers from the LGBTQ community released a message to the president.


Teens/Young Adults  22 December '16

Ikea Wants Teenagers To Stop Sneaking Into Stores For Illegal Sleepovers; Company Hopes To End Trespassing Craze

Ikea said in a statement that they want teenagers to stop going inside their stores and spending the night illegally.

Latest Electronic Games Debut At E3 Expo

Behavior  13 December '16

This Kid Gets A New Wii U Free From Best Buy Just Because He Goes To The Store Everyday

What a lucky kid this one is because he got a new Wii U for free from Best Buy and all he did is just go to the store everyday to play the game in the display.

Game of Thrones

Technology  22 November '16

Skyrim News & Updates: Fan Creates ‘Game of Thrones’ Inspired Trailer; PLUS! Is Skyrim Coming To Nintendo Switch? [VIDEO]

Did Skyrim's director just confirm a Nintendo Switch Release?

Tracy Kiss YouTube vlogger

Health/Nutrition  11 November '16

Mom Shares Her Immunity Boosting, Skin Care Secret: Semen-Infused Smoothies & Daily Semen Facial Deem Effective?

Tracy Kiss claim she has a strong immunity system and a supple skin thanks to a dose of semen regularly donated by her friend, saying she had an ample supply at hand.

Comic-Con International 2016 - Warner Bros. Presentation

Pregnancy  8 November '16

This Couple's Pregnancy Announcement Is About To Break The Internet [Video]

Watch how this couple announced they are pregnant to the world. It is hilarious!

'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Tips And Tricks: How To Make Cyborg Assassin Tao

Dads  4 November '16

'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' Tips And Tricks: How To Make Cyborg Assassin Tao

A YouTuber uploaded a video tutorial on how to create Cyber Mercenary Tao on "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2."

Why is Twitter shutting down Vine? The Rise and Fall Of The 6 second video app

Dads  31 October '16

Vine Shutting Down: Vine Stars Proposal To Save The App

In order to cut costs, the company decided to shut down Vine, an application that allows the viewing and sharing of short second videos. According to data, the drop in downloads increased to 55 percent.

Prince Harry Celebrates The Expansion Of Coach Core At Lord's Cricket Club

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  16 October '16

Zoella Turned Down Prince Harry, YoutTuber Regrets The Turndown?

As much as many woman would want to have a date with Prince Harry, Zoella, a popular YoutTuber, had to turn down an invitation from the prince.

HBO's 'Insecure' Block Party

TV/ Movie  11 October '16

Issa Rae Is Getting Great Reviews From Her New Show 'Insecure' [Show Spoilers]

Get familiar with Issa Rae and her new show, Insecure.

Pokemon GO App Popularity Soars As Australians Join Worldwide Craze

Games  27 September '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Tips & Tricks On Defeating Snorlax: The Best Pokémon To Use

There's no one Pokémon that excels at beating Snorlax. However, "Pokémon GO" players can also use the proper combination of strong monsters to defeat Snorlax.

US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration

TV/ Movie  22 September '16

Netflix Original: “Haters Back Off!” Starring YouTuber Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings.

A new Netflix original is on it's way called "Haters Back Off" starring YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

Games  12 September '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Tips & Tricks: Ditto Found! How To Get The Pokémon Via A Lucky Egg

A player claimed that he captured Ditto and showcased his feat via a video recording. Ditto, a Normal-Type Pokémon with no evolution, is known for its ability to transform into any form it desires.

#BlogHer16 Experts Among Us Conference

News  30 August '16

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Mayim Bialik Reveals How She Handles Imperfect Post-Divorce Co-Parenting

"The Big Bang Theory" star decided to talk about post-divorce co-parenting because she thinks "it might help" others like her or "educate" people about the things families deal with after the process of divorce. To do this, Bialik said she and Stone still spend time together with their sons to give them the healthiest possible atmosphere despite the divorce.

Verizon Store Stocks Shelves With New Apple iPhone 6

Technology  4 August '16

iPhone 7 Specs: New Apple Leak Confirms Deep Blue Color; Bigger RAM & DSLR Camera Quality In Store?

A detailed hands-on video featured the iPhone 7 Plus prototype (rumored to have the name 'iPhone 7 Pro') in a deep blue color. Apple's upcoming smartphone is also rumored to have a bigger RAM and a DSLR camera quality.

WWE SummerSlam 2015

Sports  27 July '16

‘WWE SummerSlam 2016’: Dolph Ziggler To Face Off Against Champion Dean Ambrose; Seth Rollins Vs. Finn Balor For ‘WWE Universal’ Title

Dolph Ziggler won the match after he delivered a superkick to Styles. After the fight, WWE Champion Dean Ambrose entered the ring as Ziggler was celebrating his big win.


Family ♥ Story  20 June '16

[VIDEO] Be Inspired To Live Your Dream! Watch Barbie’s ‘Imagine The Possibilities’ Short Clip And Turn The Impossible Into A Reality

For years, Barbie has been inspiring many young girls to use their imaginations and follow their dreams. But in a YouTube clip, Barbie is encouraging girls to explore the possibilities and make their dreams come true.


Family ♥ Story  20 June '16

[VIDEO] How Can Parents Help Kids Grow Up With Confidence

It is universally important for a child to grow and develop into a happy and confident individual. That’s why, ParentChannel.tv is giving parents some tips to help their children grow with healthy self-esteem.

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