Divorce Trends: Parents Considering Ending Their Marriage Hire Divorce Coaches, Check-In Divorce Hotels

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 20, 04:00 am

Parents who are planning to divorce each other are taking a more proactive approach to end their marriage. Recent divorce trends see a rise in hiring divorce coaches or checking into divorce hotels as former partners arrange for an amicable breakup.

Divorce coaches help soon-to-be ex-couples in both the legal and emotional process of ending a marriage. They also help couples settle the division of parenting duties apart from the division of properties and assets.

They, however, were not replacements for lawyers or therapists even as they charge cheaper fees. "It's not counseling or legal advice, but is complimentary to both," Carolyn Madden, divorce coach in Australia said, as per Daily Mail. "It's about the person looking forward to where they want to be and helping them work out the road to get there."

Divorce coaches help ex-couples focus on self-care and their children, who should be the number one priority in this trying period. Madden says that based on her experience with couples considering divorce, it's the men who could benefit from having a coach better as they are less open to discuss their circumstances than women.

Meanwhile, some divorcing couples in Europe are booking accommodations at divorce hotels, according to a separate Daily Mail report. These hotels enable exes to settle the end of their marriage over a weekend getaway, where they are also pampered by hotel staff. Divorce hotels help eliminate the complicated process of a breakup and it's also less expensive than going through the ordeal in court.

Divorce hotels, however, aren't new as this business cropped up more than five years ago. Couples are booked in separate rooms and hotel companies prefer it if they are talking to each other despite the breakup.

An ex-couple booked one weekend to settle their divorce in a Netherland divorce hotel. They said the whole experience was not weird but positive, according to New York Times.

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