Teacher In Trouble For Saying 'Adam and Eve' Are Fake, Furious Parents Complain To School

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 04, 04:00 am

A teacher landed in trouble for telling her third-grade students "Adam and Eve" are fake. Nina Kossman, who taught English at the Razi School in Queens, infuriated the kids' parents and she's now facing disciplinary action.

Kossman also showed students a photo of naked "Adam and Eve," which further appalled the parents. The kids attend a Muslim private school and one of them told Kossman they weren't supposed to see naked people.

The incident stemmed from a discussion some of the students had about men and women. "One girl was trying to say that girls are as important as boys because without women there would not be any men," Kossman told New York Post.

A student then asked the teacher whether every person was born from a woman's belly. A young boy then chimed in and said Adam was the exception. Kossman, however, interjected and told the kids "Adam and Eve" existed as part of a myth, therefore they're not true.

Kossman then proceeded to show the kids the Wikipedia page for "Adam and Eve," which had their naked portrait. The teacher said she covered the photo with her hands after the children reacted upon seeing the nude image.

Kossman also said she taught educating the children about "Adam and Eve" would help "help build up tolerance." If there was one thing Jewish, Christian and Muslim teachings shared, it's using the story of "Adam and Eve" as a basis for the creation and origin of the world, as per National Geographic.

Parents stormed the school the next day complaining about Kossman's encounter with their children. Razi School officials relieved the teacher of her job and she's now reassigned at a Queen's Department of Education office to do paperwork.

On hindsight, Kossman said she shouldn't have discussed religion with the kids. The teacher has over 25 years' experience in different religious school. This was her first disciplinary action.

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