Donald Trump, Jr. Honors Dad's First 100 Days: President Trump Is A 'Man Of Action Who Keeps His Promises'

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald May 01, 04:00 am

Donald Trump, Jr., the eldest child of President Donald Trump, wrote a piece about his father for his First 100 Days as president. Don Jr. called his dad a "man of action who keeps his promises" and he shamed the media for not reporting this fact.

In his piece published on Fox News, Don Jr. said his father's actions as the U.S. president bore good results so far. He also said mainstream media failed to report these accomplishments because "they don't understand it."

In his father's First 100 Days, Don Jr. cited the Supreme Court appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch, the swift action on Syria after the chemical attacks and the approval of Keystone XL for the Dakota Access pipelines as the highlights, Daily Mail reported. He also said his father wasn't a "creature of Washington" and alluded the previous eight years before his father took office were mostly "talk and speeches," hence America's domestic growth was slow.

"Hard-working, middle-class Americans who spent the last eight years struggling to make ends meet while Washington ignored them finally have a champion in this White House," Don Jr. wrote. The eldest Trump took charge of Trump Organization in New York when his father became the President of the United States.

Meanwhile, average Americans also gave their assessment of President Trump's First 100 Days via Fortune. One supporter said the president might have "fallen short" in his first three months but these 100 days are just four percent of his term, so there's still hope.

Another said Trump as the president made her "proud to be an American again," and an American immigrant said Trump "crushed" her family. Many of them said they will constantly pray for President Trump for wisdom in his decisions.

President Trump marked his 100 days in office in a rally in Pennsylvania where he signed two more executive orders on trade, CNN reported. Watch his entire speech during the event in the video below.

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