Donald Trump Winning The Hearts Of American Teenagers; Republican Candidate Favored By 47.1 Percent of High School Students Based On Survey

By Collie Lane, Parent Herald October 27, 03:30 am

The majority of the teens are rooting for Donald Trump, according to polls. Trump would win by a landslide if American teenagers were legal voters in the country.

A solid 47.1 percent of high school students while only 32.6 percent voted for Hillary Clinton in a recent online mock election, as reported by New York Post based on a survey by After School, the country's largest teen-focused social network.

Donald Trump also reportedly beats Clinton in 42 of 50 states, according to the same poll, wherein 106,608 teens voted from Oct. 14-21 through an app. After School organizers were surprised by the results but presumes it is because of Trump's being a "political outsider" who shares teens' "anti-establishment" values, After School organizer shared to Post.

Some students also love Donald Trump because of the lower taxes, which Clinton would possibly not approve. Clinton, however, won the teen vote in New York City especially taking rule over the borough.

Some teens expressed their thoughts in Time Magazine about Clinton saying that their love for the lady presidential hopeful is not because of her sweet grandmother image but her tough and grounded stand even in the midst of "monstrous" contenders. Much of Clinton's popularity among teens and millennials is caused by antipathy for Donald Trump, who is downgraded among some youth as a cultural throwback.

In spite of the controversial claims of abuse against Donald Trump's hither and yon, it was surprising to have seen Trump raking in more votes than Clinton among high school girls. "The mock election results would have been far different had Bernie Sanders been in the running. He connected extremely well with teens." Post quoting Jeff Collins, vice president of After School saying.

After School is an expert in millions of students, which covers over 80 percent of the America's high schools. The political nature of the organization is connected to many progressive causes close to Clinton's heart like LGBT equality campaign, according to Collins.

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