Adoption Story To Warm Your Hearts: Same-Sex Dads Arrange Their Son's Meeting With His Birth Mom

The adoption story of one 4-year-old boy is warming the hearts of netizens. It involves how the boy's same-sex dads worked out a way for him to meet his birth mom, as well as the doctor who delivered him.

Boston couple Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller and Blair Miller were together for 15 years. Being gay and married to each other since 2014 had its challenges but the Millers thought they were ready for more challenges as parents. This led the couple to adopt two boys, Zeke, 4, and Cash, 3.

Zeke's birth mom BreAnn Higgins from Bakersfield, California wanted an open adoption when she chose the couple who would be caring for son five years ago, Bakersfield reported. She kept in contact with the Millers while Zeke grew up miles away.

On Friday, April 26, however, the mom and her biological child would meet face-to-face for the first time. Johnathon and Blair planned the said meeting at the very hospital where Higgins gave birth to Zeke. The doctor who delivered the boy, and who also witnessed his adoption as a baby, was present for the reunion.

"We had talked about going to meet his mom and three weeks before we went out he said, 'I want to meet the doctor who delivered me and gave me to you," Blair said, per People. "When your 4-year-old says that, you think, 'We should.'"

The Millers can't thank Bakersfield Memorial Hospital enough for their support all these years. As it is, same-sex couples usually have a hard time with adoption but when Zeke came, the hospital also signed off on Higgins' request to give the baby to the Millers. When the Millers arranged for the reunion, the hospital also didn't hesitate to accommodate them.

"I made the right decision. I made the best decision for him and for all of us," Higgins said. The Millers also kept in touch with their other son's birth mother, Chloe Schaefer. She said the same-sex dads are amazing people.

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