Adoption, Foster Care: Exploring Which Countries Have The Easiest Adoption Procedures

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 13, 04:00 am

Making the choice to adopt a child in a foster care facility is an important and big decision for a family. There are many challenges, especially when dealing with different agencies and people to ensure the process is legal.

Adoption also costs a lot of money, time and effort. Some countries, however, make adoption an easier process. Which countries are these?

China is on the top list of easiest countries to adopt with its "stable and predictive adoption program," as per Insider Monkey. Parents can adopt Chinese infants and kids up to 7-years-old, provided they have been married for two years and are not under 30-years-old.

China also offers a Waiting Child Program for older and more capable couples who want older children or special needs children. "One of the reasons we chose China was because, since the country is communist and highly bureaucratic, we knew the process well and there would be no surprises," one parent said via a forum in Baltimore Sun.  Other countries, especially in Latin America, have under-the-table deals, unlike China.

Ukraine's program takes only a year to process. The interested family will be required to travel to the country first so they can bond with the child.

One family spent a month in Ukraine before they welcomed and brought their three girls home. "We got to know their friends, their culture and some of their background," the parent said, as per Mom.Me. "With older children, this is invaluable as it is very much a part of who they are."

Single parents have easier chances of adopting a child from the Philippines, provided the child is at least 9-years-old. The adoption process is longer but it is well-established and organized.

For baby adoptions, couples should be married for three years and over 27-years-old to adopt. Adoptees also have better chances if they present a recommendation letter from a Church group.

Haiti also has its Waiting Child Program similar to China. With more than 200,000 kids living in foster care, however, the country's adoption procedure is simpler and easier.

Couples willing to adopt a Haitian child must be above 30-years-old. The country doesn't limit the number of children, especially if the parents are high-income earners. They must also visit the child in his home country at least three times before the adoption is a done deal.

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