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Same-Sex Dads Let Son Meet Real Mom

Issues  3 May '17

Adoption Story To Warm Your Hearts: Same-Sex Dads Arrange Their Son's Meeting With His Birth Mom

Dads Johnathon Bobbitt-Miller and Blair Miller decided to have Zeke, 4 and Cash, 3, through open adoption and Zeke's birth mom BreAnn Higgins agreed to a reunion recently.

Kristin Chenoweth Ready To Adopt

Issues  29 April '17

Kristin Chenoweth Says She's Ready To Adopt A Child, Just Like Her Parents

Kristin Chenoweth's adoption as a baby was never a secret in her family and her adoptive parents, Junie and Jerry Chenoweth, explained this to her in the most sensible and loving way.

Adoption And Its Effects On Marriage

Issues  26 April '17

Adoption Changes Marriage: The Challenges Couples Should Prepare For When Adopting A Child

Adoption offers couples a chance to complete their family but going through the process can change a marriage.

IVF, Surrogacy And Adoption Myths

Issues  24 April '17

IVF, Surrogacy And Adoption: Debunking Common Misconceptions In The Alternative Ways Of Having Children

More and more parents are choosing to have babies via IVF, surrogacy and adoption but there are still misconceptions about these even in today's modern life. We debunk some of it.

Countries With Easiest Adoption

Issues  13 April '17

Adoption, Foster Care: Exploring Which Countries Have The Easiest Adoption Procedures

Countries have different adoption procedures but here's a selection of places where adoption is easier.

Parents 3 Pairs Of Twin Babies, Same Birthdays

Children  10 April '17

Good Things Come In Three? Parents Have 3 Pairs Of Twins Who Share Same Birthday

For couple Carrie Kosinski and Craig Kosinski, the more the merrier and having three pairs of twins with the same birthday would be easier to remember celebrating.

Virginia Adoption Ban For Drug Convicts

Family Life  15 March '17

Virginia Mom With Past Drug Record Challenges Lawmakers To Review Adoption Ban For Convicted Parents

Laura Tarantino, 28, went to prison for drugs in 2009 but she has changed her life after getting out. She now wants to adopt and Virginia won't let her.

Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill In South Dakota

Family Life  5 March '17

New Adoption Bill Gives Agencies Right To Deny Kids For LGBT Couples, Single Parents In South Dakota

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has not yet signed or vetoed the bill and a lot of LGBT groups are saying it's discrimination.

Zoe Saldana and kids

News  20 February '17

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Actress Zoe Saldana Welcomes Third Baby, Reveals His Name Is Zen

The Hollywood actress and her husband Marco Perego surprised everyone with their baby reveal.

Madonna Visits Mphandula Childcare Centre

Family Life  13 February '17

Parenting An Adopted Child: Experts Recommend A Different Parenting Style To Establish Attachment And Connection

Parenting an adopted child can be challenging because of the early life experiences of the kid

Firefighter Responds To An Emergency And Goes Home With a Baby

Infant  3 February '17

Fireman Adopts Baby Girl He Helped Deliver; She Grows Up As Daddy's Girl [WATCH]

Marc Hadden responded to an emergency call but little did he know this would change his family's life forever.

Russians Mourn Victims of Moscow Bombings

Family Life  3 February '17

Adoption, Foster Care: These Siblings' Sad Story Highlights How Families Are Ripped Apart Due To Parents' Failures

There's a lot of lessons to be learned from the story of these four siblings whose life changed in foster care because of their drug-addicted parents.

Serial Killer Conviction Prompts Police To Warn Of Dating App Dangers

Family Life  23 January '17

'Tinder For Adoption' App Gets Shut Down On Kickstarter, Adoptly Ad Campaign Deemed Dubious

Swiping left or right on a child's profile does not sit right with many netizens.

Angelina Jolie Attends UNHCR Press Conference

News  19 January '17

Mom Of Angelina Jolie's Daughter Zahara Wants To Reconnect: 'I Miss Her All The Time'

Mentewab Dawit Lebiso first came out in 2007, two years after the actress adopted Zahara.

TWC-Dimension Presents The Premiere Of 'Paddington' - Red Carpet

Pregnancy  10 January '17

Nicole Kidman Wants More Babies At 49, Says Her Grandmother Did So With Their Family's Strong Maternal Instinct

The actress is a mom to four children - Isabella, 24, Connor, 21, Sunday Rose, 8 and Faith Margaret, 6.

National Adoption Day Marked At Miami Children's Museum

SPED Kids  4 December '16

Utah Woman Keen On Giving Affection To Special Children; Devoted Her Life To Them

Christie Jameson adopted 35 children out of which 26 were special children.

Mountain View Stabbing

Family Life  4 December '16

Inspirational Couple Finally Retires After Spending Almost Four Decades Fostering 241 Children

Compassionate couple took care of children all their life, George and Jos Hindle said they enjoyed every moment.

'Gardeners Of Eden' Special Screening

News  23 November '16

'Sex & The City' Star Kristin Davis Wanted To Learn To 'Shoot A Gun' To Protect Adopted African-American Daughter

The single mom admits she is challenged by what's happening in the world as she tries to raise a child of color.

InStyle Presents Second Annual 'InStyle Awards' - Red Carpet

Moms  9 November '16

Nicole Kidman Kids: Will Keith Urban's Wife Help Adopted Children Connor & Isabella Find Their Birth Mom?

The "Lion" star's adopted kids with ex-hubby Tom Cruise are already in their early-20s and have a life of their own.

Lena Pierce and Betty Morrell

Family Life  29 October '16

Mother, Daughter Reunite After 8 Decades Of Separation – A Glimpse Of The Events In 1933

Mother and daughter reunites after 8 decades of being separated.

2016 US Open - Day 4

null  22 October '16

Beyonce Is Having A Second Child? Is She Pregnant Or Are They Thinking Of Adoption?

Beyonce, who is hailed as the queen of the music scene is said to be planning a second child with her husband, Jay Z. Reports about this matter have been all around the Internet since October 20.

5th Annual Values Voter Summit

TV.Movie  31 August '16

‘Jill & Jessa: Counting On’: Jessa Duggar, Ben Seewald Expecting Triplets? Will Proceed With Adoption Plans?

Jessa and Ben want to have a huge brood. Four new babies in 2017?

Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day 6

Family Life  12 August '16

Rio Olympics 2016: Simone Biles' Biological Mom Talks Heartache On Giving Up Daughter, Gymnast Shuts Down Adoption Shamer

The gymnast who has won a good medal for Team USA at the Rio Olympics 2016 expressed there really is no story to her adoption, but others are making it into a big deal.

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