'This Is Us' Cast Share What Valuable Parenting Lessons They Picked Up From Their Hit Show

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald March 17, 04:00 am

There's a reason why "This Is Us," the new drama series on NBC, is a hit with viewers. Everyone can relate to the stories and the characters as it is about family and parenting. Even its cast members can deeply relate and they share some of the valuable real-life parenting lessons they got from their show.

Stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, who play the parents of triplets in "This Is Us," have no real life experiences with having kids just yet. The show, however, has become a training ground for them.

Ventimiglia said being on a parenting TV series didn't scare him off having children in the future. They were made to practice swaddling and carrying babies on the set.

Ventimiglia also had prior "training" from taking care of his nephews and nieces. Moore said her co-star recommended reading a bunch of parenting books to prepare for their roles, according to Today.

Justin Hartley, who plays the oldest twin on "This Is Us," is an actually a dad. He says the show is a good reminder for him to spend quality time with his 12-year-old daughter, Isabella.

She's now at an age where Hartley can have meaningful conversations. "I think about the show sometimes and I'm like, 'I'm going to have that conversation with my daughter,'" Hartley shared, as per Daily Mail.

Sterling K. Brown, who plays the adopted son on "This Is Us," had a character shift on the show when he told his TV wife he'd like to adopt during the finale episode. In real life, Brown, who is also married with two kids, admitted the subject of expanding their family does come up with his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe, who guest-starred in the series.

"It's a conversation that my wife and I have all the time," the actor said, as per Entertainment Weekly. "So, it's sort of art imitating life imitating art."

Chrissy Metz, who plays the middle child, revealed she has no relationship with her real-life father who left his family. Fortunately, the show helped her have empathy for her dad. "There's a reason why he did what he did," she said, as per Entertainment Tonight.

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