Adoption Changes Marriage: The Challenges Couples Should Prepare For When Adopting A Child

By Amanda Moore, Parent Herald April 26, 04:00 am

A baby's arrival changes the dynamics of a marriage. Couples considering adoption, however, go through unique challenges that affect their relationship in bigger ways. How does adoption impact the family and what must couples prepare for?

It's no secret that adoption is expensive. Hence, couples considering the process must be financially prepared or risk bringing money problems into the relationship. Adoption Network posts a list detailing why adoption expenses are astronomical.

Before deciding to contact agencies, couples must go over their finances and assess if they can realistically comply with the demands or discuss adjustments and compromises. For instance, are both partners willing to do away with the annual holiday, so the money could be used for the adoption?

Adoption is a life-changing decision and it forces couples to assess this choice carefully. The usual long process itself puts married partners to the test, especially when they need to be on the same page when discussing options with lawyers, specialists, government offices and adoption agencies, as per Parents. Are both individuals in the marriage willing to liaise and build the connection? Can they work as a team?

Even as the adoption process seems to be moving swiftly, sometimes problems arise beyond anyone's control. The fact is not all adoptions succeed, as per Romper. Are couples prepared to handle disappointments and rejections together? Do they have a backup plan and a coping mechanism?

On the other hand, if couples succeed in adopting a child, then comes new challenges in meeting the adoptee. With older children for adoption, the first meetings don't always end up perfect. Are couples willing to extend more patience and perseverance in this case?

Adoptive families will continue to face issues as their adopted child grows older. People will always have questions and judgments. Society will always have stereotypes against adopted kids, birth moms and adopted parents.

Despite a progressive world, the stigma around adoption continues, as per Adoption Connect. Couples considering adoption will have to learn to deal with breaking the stigma.

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